How to Do Perspective Drawing the Right Way: 6 Resources

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How to Do Perspective Drawing

Improve your perspective drawing skills by reading the best online resources featured in this post.

Perspective drawing is an illustration technique to show dimension on a flat surface. This drawing skill makes use of a ruler to determine the vanishing point to help you measure the correct proportions of the elements on paper.

In order to learn how to do perspective drawing the right way, below are online resources that delvers into greater detail the steps and exercises that will allow you to practice perspective drawing for your artworks. Click on the title to open the resource on a new window.

How to Draw Perspective

There are different types of perspective drawings. In this how-to article at wikiHow, learn the steps on doing one point, two point, three point, and zero point perspectives. The article also mentions tips and warnings for you to follow and create better perspective drawings.

Drawing – Tips on Better Graphite Pencil Drawing

The kinds of pencil you use to draw the different lines matter in your perspective drawing. In this article by Helen South at, learn the best methods of “mark-making,” which is an expression used by artists to describe the process of using pencil on paper. Tips include sharpening your pencils, controlling the directions of mark, and more.


If you need an introduction to perspective drawing, then read this short but informative article at ArtFactory.The article talks about the history and the main elements of this drawing type. For more information about the terms and techniques used in perspective drawing, go the index below the article and click on the links there.

Perspective – How to Draw Perspective

Helen South at makes another appearance in this post as she runs down what perspective drawing is about and how to draw shapes on the different types of perspectives.

How to Find Vanishing Point in One Point Perspective Drawing

A photo of Karen Kesteloot, an experienced art teacher and instructor based in Guelph, Ontario.

“The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot knows a thing or two about perspective drawing.

If you want a more specific exercise to help you with perspective drawing, watch this tutorial video by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot. In the video, Karen teaches perspective stair landing to students at the University of Guelph in this Museum Project. Check out the key takeaways in the article to have a better idea on which aspects of perspective drawing you should focus on.

The Skinny on One Point Perspective Drawing

In another article from PortPrep, Karen Kesteloot features some of the best Youtube videos about perspective drawings and gives her thoughts on all of them. The tutorial videos and Karen’s replies should help aspiring art students in high school to create better perspective drawings to submit as part of their college application.

Put your drawing into perspective!

Get a Better Perspective

The Get a Better Perspective course will take place on July 29-31, 2014 (11am-5pm) at the PortPrep Studios in Guelph, ON and costs $175CAD.

Enroll to the Get a Better Perspective: Create Believable Spaces in Perfect Perspective course taught by Karen Kesteloot. She will improve your perspective drawing skills by teaching you advanced techniques that are not normally taught in art school. This course is best taken by students planning on applying to an architecture or illustration program in college.

The course is part of the Drawn to Success Portfolio Building Boot Camp that aims to help students boost their chances of getting into arts college by improving their artistic skills to help them create a winning art portfolio.

The Get a Better Perspective course will take place on July 29-31, 2014 (11am-5pm) at the PortPrep Studios in Guelph, ON and costs $175CAD.

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