How to Use Felt Tip Pens

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How to Use Felt Tip Pens

Learn how to use felt tip pens and create crisper, more detailed drawings by reading some of the best online resources featured in this post.

Felt tip pens are versatile drawing tools that allow you to achieve vibrant color, texture, and crisp lines on your art pieces. However, you can’t harness the strengths of felt tip pens unless you get to learn more about them.

Below are links to awesome online resources to help you understand what felt tip pens are and how they are used properly in order to create stunning artworks that you can include in your art portfolio.

Felt Tip Pens

There is a post at scratchyas that details the author’s experience in using felt tip pens. He proceeds by pointing out the pros and cons of using this type of drawing tools and lists down his favorite felt tip pens that he uses for creating his artworks.

How to Use Felt Tip Pens

While the resource above was about the experience of using felt tip pens, eHow breaks down the steps on how you can effectively use these drawing tools to create simple drawings with striking results in this short but helpful post.

Techniques: Working with Felt-tips

As mentioned earlier, felt tip pens are versatile tools that can be used on different artistic media to achieve your desired effect. In this post at Art of Parchment Craft, the author shares her experience of using these pens in line with her craft. In this post, you will also read the more popular felt tip pens available, basic and advanced tips on using these pens in your parchments, and examples of artists that use felt tip pens to their fullest effect.

Material course: Illustration made with felt-tip pens

Gitte Lægaard, a textile student at Design School Kolding, uses felt tip pens to experiment on how these drawing tools can help visualize his ideas involving textile. He admitted to having been confused on how to use the pens properly, as seen in his drawings, but was nonetheless excited with using felt tip pens.

The Best Felt Tip Pens for Sketching Plants

For those into landscape architecture, using felt tip pens on drawing plants or other landscape elements can help flesh out your ideas in a clearer and crisper manner. Watch this Youtube video by Karen Kesteloot as she demonstrates how certain types of felt tip pens can be used to sketch out your landscape ideas.

Speaking of Karen…

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