Does Your Art Portfolio for College SUCK? Don’t Press the Panic Button Just Yet

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Does Your Art Portfolio for College SUCK?

Do you have artworks like this included in your art portfolio for college? If so, then we have an art portfolio problem.

If your’e a high school senior who dreams of becoming an professional artist in the future, then you should be taking your college application to an art program very seriously. By getting into art school, you will undergo intense training on how to refine your art, which will unlock your potential of becoming the artist you deserve to be.

One of the main components of your college application is your art portfolio. This contains the artworks you have amassed so far as a striving artist that showcase your current skills and your potential for even greater things. Much of the decision of colleges depend on what they see on your portfolio. If they enjoy your artworks in your portfolio, then there’s a great chance that you’ll get into art school. If not, well…

And this is where the problem starts. What if your art portfolio isn’t as good as your peer’s? What if your sloppy technique has caused the artworks in your portfolio to look unacceptably uneven?

What if…your college application gets rejected and flushes all your arts dream down the drain, all because of your portfolio??

OpenClips / Pixabay

This is a legitimate concern among all applicants with their art portfolio. Due to the competitive nature of getting into college, every single detail in the artworks of your portfolio matters. Are you even aware that you have a 30:1 odds of getting into an art or design program in college, the same odds of getting into Harvard? Art school is not for the fainthearted and it clearly shows even from the application process.

However you should not be deterred by the difficulty of getting into art school. Accept the challenge of making better and stronger art to include in your portfolio. Do not let this opportunity pass you by because it’s hard and you can’t take the pressure. Take this opportunity as a reminder that everything in life is worked for and that success comes from hours of practicing your technique until you are able to perfect it!

To help you ensure that your art portfolio is in tip-top shape, you must ask yourself these questions:

  • Are the best artworks in your portfolio placed on the first and last page?
  • Are your other pieces ordered in a particular order, thus creating a flow in your portfolio?
  • Have your reviewed the artworks you have included in your portfolio and believe that you have made them the best they can possibly be?
  • Have you included artworks made using different media to showcase your versatility?
  • Have you included hand drawings, which are what most reviewers look for, in your portfolio?
  • Do you present fresh and challenging ideas in your artwork instead of tired, common, and unoriginal ones?
  • Did you save your artworks on a digital format and to a CD? (To do this, you should take pictures of your artwork.)
  • Have you gotten your portfolio reviewed by an art instructor to ensure that all the pieces have been optimized to increase your chances of getting into college?
Karen Kesteloot, art instructor and owner of

“The Admission Insider” will help make your arts dreams come true!

Regarding the last point, we at PortPrep want you to turn your dreams into reality, which is why “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot is offering her coaching services to you! With her vast teaching experience, Karen will focus on improving your necessary skills so you can communicate your ideas to pen and paper much better, if you have yet to create pieces for your portfolio. She also will review your art portfolio and give her suggestion on how you can improve them.

Karen Kesteloot has a 100% acceptance rate. This means that all the students she helped with their portfolio have gotten into college!

For more information about Karen and her services, check out this post from Storify below.

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