Make Better Artworks by Following These Drawing Advice

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Make Better Artworks by Following These Drawing Advice

Take heed from the drawing advice featured in this post to help you create better, stronger, and more focused artworks than ever before.

Drawing is an essential skill that students who plan on applying to college must study and master. Even those who mostly use computer to create their works are highly encouraged to learn all there is to learn about drawing. There’s a really simple explanation for this – concepts and principles involved in drawing are universal in art. For instance, the approach to shading or using different marker sizes can be applied to any form of art discipline.

In the end, by learning all the drawing skills relevant to your concentration, you will be able to create better, stronger, and more stunning artworks than before!

If you are one of these students and want to maximize your artistic skills, then you must learn how to draw the right way. For this, check out the drawing advice featured in the presentation below. Each slide contains specific drawing skills that you need to understand in order to make huge strides with your art!

Note: The links on the first three slides cannot be clicked. Click here to view “Hand Drawing Basics: A Quick Look” and here to view “Do You Have ALL the Drawing Skills You Need To Succeed In Arts College?

I’m done with the drawing advice featured here. What now?

There’s always something more that you should do in order to make your artworks even better! If you already have a collection of drawings and works to be turned into an art portfolio, you can reach out to “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot and ask her more drawing advice, as well as ways on how to compile your portfolio the best way possible.

Through Karen’s coaching services, she has a 100% acceptance rate. This means that all her students have gotten into their colleges of choices! If you want to get into your program of choice in college, click here or on the banner below.

coaching packagesIf you already have an art portfolio in place to be submitted to colleges soon but want to make sure that your drawings are in tip-top shape, you can also try out Karen’s FREE Portfolio Assessment, where she reviews your portfolio and schedules a 30-minute video chat with you for suggestions on how you can improve your work. Also did I mention that this is FREE?

Click here or on the banner below to sign up for her FREE Portfolio Assessment.

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