9 Awesome Resources on How to Get into Art College

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9 Awesome Resources on How to Get into Art College

There is no secret on how to get into art college, but there are extremely helpful resources featured in this post that will guide your way!

Just like in life, there is no secret on how to get into art college. In fact, the real answers to that question are hard work, determination to succeed, and passion in the arts.

You will have to spend countless hours and sleepless nights in perfecting your skills and creating artworks to submit as part of your college application. It won’t be easy, but as long as you love doing art, then this is merely another obstacle that you will  have to overcome on your way to becoming a professional artist!

To do this, however, you will need to learn the  ways to get into art college. In this post, you will find different and helpful online resources to not only help prepare yourself with the requirements for your course, but also of boost your chances of getting there.

How to Prepare an Art Portfolio | Examples and Advice

The key to entry into your choice of art or design program in college is through your art portfolio. While your GPA in high school bears weight in the decision of colleges, your portfolio ultimately determines whether or not you will get into an art or design program.

Therefore, you must ensure that you properly showcase your skills and techniques on the pieces included in your portfolio if you are serious in getting accepted into art school!

Thankfully, this post at Squidoo by Studentz covers a variety of topic on how to make your art portfolio the best it can be. Tips include how to form your general portfolio outline, tutorial videos, and more!

Applying to an Arts Program Soon? Here’s What to Include in Your College Portfolio

A photo of Karen Kesteloot, an experienced art teacher and instructor based in Guelph, Ontario.

Karen Kesteloot is an experienced art teacher and instructor based in Guelph, Ontario.

“The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot has been helping students get into art college through her coaching services at PortPrep. As of writing, she has a 100% acceptance rate, which means that all the students whom she helped create their portfolio have gotten into an art or design program in college! One of the ways that she helps students improve their portfolios is by arranging the pieces properly as to create a flow. Read this post to find out how this is done.

10 Tips For Your Best Art School Portfolio

ArtsBridge suggest tips and advice on where high school students to start if they want to become an art student in college. Suggestions include learning specific requirements on your program of interest, exploring original ideas, keeping a sketchbook, and others.

How to prepare an art portfolio for university

Here’s an extensive post from The Guardian where art teachers, students, and graduates share suggestions on what colleges look for in an art portfolio. Read great insights such as labeling your timed life drawing, number of pieces to include in portfolio, and keeping your portfolio tight and concise, among others.

Art High School Portfolio Examples

Katie S posts a Youtube video featuring different artworks that you may create and include in your art portfolio. Take note that the types of art shown in her video are not necessarily required in your portfolio – choose the types that you feel are relevant to the course you’re applying to. For this, visit the admission page of the college of your interest and see the requirements there.

Tools to Use in Creating a Superior Presentation Portfolio

The tools you will use to create your art portfolio depends on the course you plan on applying to. In any case, this post lists down the general tools that most applicants will find themselves using, regardless of their concentration. Tools include digital camera, portfolio case, and slides, to name a few.

Portfolio Review of Artist Seeking Admission to Art School

If you already have a college art portfolio ready for submission, then have it checked and reviewed by an art instructor. Even if you feel that your portfolio is perfect the way it is, you can never be too sure with your own work, considering that there are thousands of equally talented applicants. Art instructors will be able to spot errors in the pieces of your portfolio and provide suggestions on how to improve each of them.

If you’re thinking of enlisting help from an instructor, then check out the video by GreatCollegeAdvice at Youtube below and see how instructors normally operate and give their suggestions to students. Some can be highly critical about your work, but you should always remember that they are doing this so that you can increase your chances of getting into arts college!

P.S. Get a FREE 30-Minute Portfolio Review from “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot and beat the odds of getting into your choice of art or design program in college! Click here or on the banner below to learn how.

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What’s the One Drawing Skill Even the Best Art Students are Weak In?

Are you having trouble with drawing the right measurements for landscape or perspective drawing? If yes, then you’re not alone! According to Karen Kesteloot, one of the biggest problems that students have when it comes to drawing is their sight measuring ability. This refers to how they measure the landscape using their eyes and scale them accordingly into their artwork.

In this post, Karen will teach you how to improve your sloppy habits in sight measuring and create stronger drawings to include in your portfolio.

Art Branding for Students by Raymond Aaron – PortPrep

Branding expert Raymond Aaron has helped people change their lives for the better. In this post, he is determined to help change the lives of aspiring art students for the better by creating a well-branded art portfolio. Watch the interview video below conducted by Karen Kesteloot and understand the importance of branding as early in your life.

How to Improve Your Art Portfolio By Cropping Your Photos

The impact of an artwork depends on how cropped it is. In this instructional video, watch how Karen teaches her students how to crop accordingly so that the piece is compact and tighter, making for a better artwork in the process.

If you’ve read all of the resources and are still having problems with creating pieces for your art portfolio, then hire Karen Kesteloot as your personal portfolio coach! She will help you strengthen your drawing skills and teach the best practices on how to compile your portfolio pieces in order. Play the video below for more information.

Click here on the banner below to order her coaching services!

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