The Drawn To Success Portfolio Building Bootcamp has Come and Gone…So How Did It Go?

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The Drawn to Success Portfolio Building Bootcamp has Come and Gone...So How Did It Go?

“The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot (left) and Garth Laidlaw (far right) during one of the courses in the Drawn To Success Portfolio Building Bootcamp.

The Drawn to Success Portfolio Building Bootcamp was a summer program hatched by “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep’s very own Karen Kesteloot and Guelph animator Garth Laidlaw. The idea behind the program was to help high school senior learn about the different skills and techniques necessary to be included in your art portfolio to increase your chances of getting into college.

The program covered a gamut of topics revolving around hand drawing, animation, and building a portfolio. The course run from late June to early August.

For those who registered for Karen and Garth’s classes, a big thank you and we hope that you enjoyed and learned a lot from the courses!

For those who weren’t able to attend, here’s what you missed out:

For those who found out late about the boot camp, it’s not too late!

Let me just clarify that statement – the Drawn to Success Portfolio Building Bootcamp has officially ended. However, if you’re still interested in receiving tips and advice on how to improve your art portfolio and boost your chances of getting into college, then Karen Kesteloot is your meal ticket!

Karen has been offering her coaching services through PortPrep for the past two years and it has resulted into changed lives for students who are now living the dream of currently studying at an art or design program in college.

Learn more about her by reading the article from Storify below.

If you want to learn how Karen can help you with your college application to an art or design program, you can start signing up for her FREE Portfolio Assessment! By sending her your portfolio via e-mail, she will hold a 30-minute video chat with you to discuss on things that you can improve in your portfolio to make it even better. Best of all, this is free of charge, no strings attached!

For more information on how to sign up for her FREE Portfolio Assessment, click here or on the banner below.

Portfolio assessment banner

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