Find Out How the Art Industry Works from These Professional Artists

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Find Out How the Art Industry Works from These Professional Artists

In this post, let the experiences of professional artists inspire you on your journey onto becoming a professional yourself!

You’ve seen how a painting, sculpture, drawing, or any particular form of art can contain so many techniques and evoke unforgettable emotions from its viewers and observers. This may have one of the things that inspired you to become an art student in college. True enough, the strict academic program and professors who are sticklers for detail and will review your works with a critical eye will prepare you for the rigors of  professional life.

However, you won’t know enough about what’s out there until you’ve actually experienced how to succeed and fail as an artist. While you’re not of age to undergo all this treatment, what you do have is the luxury to learn about these things through the eyes of people who have studied and applied their knowledge and turn it into a career.

Below is a Slideshare presentation about the different artists PortPrep had a chance to interview through their Artist Spotlight feature.  Our purpose here is to not opnly share to you what these successful artists have to say about their journey into becoming the artists they are today, but also help you keep the fire burning and encourage you to continue your path into becoming the artist you ought to be.

Below of some of the people whom we featured in the Slideshare presentation below:

Now that you have firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to become a professional artist, it’s time to get serious with your college application to your choice of art or design program! For starters, you need to improve your art portfolio that will showcase your breadth of work as part of your college application.

If you need help regarding this, then you should sign up for the FREE Portfolio Assessment in which “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot will check your work and give her opinions on how you can improve your work even more!

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