Receive Play by Play Calls to Success from an Art Coach

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Receive Play by Play Calls to Success from an Art Coach

Improve your technique and learn what it takes to win by getting into an art program in college with the help of an art coach.

Professional athletes are some of the most profitable people in the world. They are at the top of their level not because they simply have talent. All the talent in the world won’t amount to anything if not honed, cultivated, and put into good use. This is where coaches come in. Aside from drawing up plays for the team, coaches are responsible for maximizing the talents of their athletes to their fullest potential.

The same thing goes for art students. They simply can’t hotshot their way to becoming a professional without receiving the proper training and education, ideally from college. However, getting into college is a different matter altogether. You may have the desire to study arts in a college or university, but if you lack the potential or fail to showcase the necessary art skills, then you won’t get in.

Therefore, it is important that you get an art coach to help you not only improve your technique, but also help prepare you for the rigors and challenges of college life. Some will say that an art coach is a luxury and never a necessity. But wouldn’t it be great if you can hire an art coach and boost your chances of getting into college, which is the whole point of your year-long preparation as a high school senior?

To understand why it is imperative for you to at least consider getting yourself an art coach in preparation for college, below is a SlideShare presentation that will shed light on everything.

Now that you’ve seen the presentation and are convinced that you should consider Karen Kesteloot as your personal art coach, here’s a sample of what she can do to help you with your art portfolio and your college application. In the video below, Karen is talking to aspiration Illustration students on how to fix an art portfolio that will get them accepted in the program.

To hire Karen as your coach, click here or on the banner below!

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