College Advice for Parents to Help With Their Children

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College Advice for Parents to Help With Their Children

Give your children all the support they need as they plan to apply to arts college next fall! Here are tips and advice for parents on how you can help them.

Parents will do everything under their power to help their children succeed in life. While some would take the hands-off approach and let their children learn from their mistakes and achieve success in the process, other parents are more proactive in helping out their children in any way they can.

When your child plans on applying to arts college and asks for your help, it is best that you know the things to say and do. We at PortPrep understand the importance of parents being more involved with their children’s college application that we’re here with this post to help you at.

Below is a SlideShare presentation that contains links to different resources on the PortPrep Blog about the tips and advice to parents on how they can prep their children to make the most out of their college experience.

For more information on how you can help your child get into arts school, click here!

What’s one thing parents should know about applying to art schools?

What determines whether applicants get accepted in college or not is their art portfolio. This displays the artworks that they have made throughout the years. From here, the art or design program will have a better idea on the skill level and techniques employed by the applicants, thus allowing them to see their potential as artists much better.

If you’re looking to boost your children’s chances of getting into college, then you need the help of “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot! She has been helping out high school students get into their choice of college for almost three years already and has a great track record to prove it. So far, all of the students who have hired her portfolio coaching services has gotten into college!

To see how Karen helps out her students, she usually requests students to submit over their portfolios via e-mail and schedules a video chat (if the student is not from Canada) to discuss the ways on how they can improve their artworks.Below is a video chat that Karen held with Victoria early this year.

For more information regarding Karen’ coaching services, click on the banner below!

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