A Quick Guide to National Portfolio Day 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

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A Quick Guide to National Portfolio Day 2014

Learn the importance of National Portfolio Day 2014 and make the most out our your experience in this event by checking out the infographic we made for you.

National Portfolio Day 2014 has begun this October! For those planning to get into arts college after they graduate from high school, now’s the time to focus on building your art portfolio to be submitted along with your application.

As mentioned in this blog ad nausaem, your art portfolio is the single most important document you will be submitting to colleges and university. Much of the decision on whether or not you will get into an art or design program depends on what you show on the works in your portfolio. Therefore, if you’re really serious in becoming an art student in college on your way to become a professional artist in the future, then you need to take your portfolio seriously.

This is where the National Portfolio Day comes into play. It is a series of events where different art instructors and college representatives gather at a certain place to take to aspiring students about improving their portfolio as well as information about the art and design programs in college.

To help you with National Portfolio Day for this year, we have an infographic below to guide you with the entire process, especially if you’re not familiar with it. Discussed in the infographic include:

  • why you must go to a National Portfolio Day
  • how you can prepare yourself before attending the event
  • the complete schedule of the National Portfolio Day from October 2014 to January 2015

National Portfolio Day Guide

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Can’t attend National Portfolio Day? Don’t worry, here’s something for you!

We at PortPrep understand the difficulty of driving miles to one campus and fall in lines to get your portfolios reviewed. While this experience is definitely worth the wait, some simply may not have the time to do all these.

Thankfully, “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot has something in store for you. Just like the National Portfolio Day, the FREE Portfolio Assessment will increase your chances of getting into arts college by helping you build a winning art portfolio. Most importantly, all of this will be done to you for FREE!

To get you a taste of the results of our FREE Portfolio Assessment, below is a video of UK student Victoria who sought out Karen’s help through her assessment services. After 1.5 week before the portfolio submission, Victoria was able to improve her portfolio, which ultimately got her into the Interior Design Program of her choice!

Sign up to get your FREE Portfolio Assessment and guarantee yourself a spot at your college of choice by clicking here or on the link below!

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