Do You Really Know How To Make A College Art Portfolio?

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Do You Really Know How To Make An Art Portfolio For College

Think you know how to create an art portfolio that will get you into an art or design program in college? Then take our pop quiz, hot shot!

For college applicants, your art portfolio bears the most weight when your application is screened by college professors. Therefore, you must ensure that you follow the best practices on how to present the artworks in your portfolio if you’re serious in becoming an art student.

If you feel confident about your knowledge on how to make an art portfolio that will get you accepted into college, then we’d like to challenge you by trying out our quiz!

The quiz is not meant to make you look better than other applicants vying for coveted a spot in an art or design program. Rather, it is geared towards helping you make the best choices for your art portfolio and increase your chances of getting into your college of choice.

Without further ado, let’s do this!

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