The Dustless Approach to Using Chalk Pastel

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Chalk pastel is a great drawing tool due to the vibrant and expressive colors it produces. However, the problem that most beginners have with using pastel is the dust that it leaves on the canvas. This is most evident when using this medium for shading and creating contrast in your drawings.

In this video by “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot, learn how to use pastels without leaving off that unwanted residue from your paper.

Instead of directly using the stick of pastel on the paper, Karen first scraped off the powder from the pastels she needed for the drawing using a cutter. Then, she dabbed the cotton ball onto on the powder and gently rubbed it on the paper to achieve a smooth and even pastel color. For detailing the edges and borders, she used a triangular makeup sponge.

Another technique she used in making the chalk pastel less powdery when used on paper is using a paper stick to smooth out the pastel mark and distribute the pastel on the other parts of the paper.

Watch the video to see how these techniques are applied to her drawing and can help you achieve smoother and finer shades using chalk pastel!

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