The Creative Thought Process DIY Video Series Is Here!

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Do you have lots of ideas running through your mind for your artworks but can’t properly organize them in order to create a unified whole?

Do you have trouble coming up with ideas at all?

Being able to have a refined creative thought process will allow you to make fully realized artworks for your portfolio. This is important especially if you are a high school senior and want to get into arts college. If you’re not aware, college admissions rely on the applicant’s portfolio, how well-composed the pieces are and how much talent and potential is shown on them, to determine the acceptance of students to the art and design programs.

If you’re having this problem with your artistic output, then you need the help from “The Admission Insider” and PortPrep owner Karen Kesteloot through her Creative Thought Process DIY Video Series!

With her Creative Thought Process DIY Video Series, Karen will provide you a step-by-step guide on how to generate ideas for your artworks and organize them in your head so that you can create focused and strong pieces to be included in your portfolio.

By having a refined creative process, you will be able to create a winning art portfolio and boost your chances of getting into art college of your choice!

The series has three videos, each of which you can purchase for $10US. However, to maximize the help you’ll get from the video series and save money at the same time, order all three videos for just $25US!

Click on the Buy Now button below so we can process your order soon and send the files your way.

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