The Most Accurate Way of Drawing a Leaf

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How to Draw a Leaf

Learn the right way of drawing a leaf in this tutorial video presented by “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot.

As an art student, it is inevitable that you will come across drawing a leaf. While a leaf seems pedestrian and doesn’t require a lot of skill to draw, it is still best that you know the correct way of doing this.

Oftentimes, art students rely so much on their sight on basis for their artworks. However, the result is that the drawings end up unequal and misaligned.

Measuring your subject with just your eyes is a very advanced technique that takes time to study and practice. In case you’re interested to do sight measuring, read “What’s the One Drawing Skill Even the Best Art Students are Weak In?

As a beginner, however, it is best that you learn first how to measure the scope of your drawing first and scale it down to your canvas.

In the tutorial video below, “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot teaches you this simple technique to make accurate and balanced leaf drawings.

The process that she shares below, which she refers to as “searching, finding, and refining,” is practiced by students at Sheridan College. If you get this done, especially if you’re just applying to art colleges, then you’re already ahead of the curve and have better chances of getting into your art program of choice!

The video below is just a 1-minute trailer of the actual tutorial video, which costs $10US.

To complete the order of the full video, click on the PayPal button below.

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