Why Is Hand Drawing Such An Important Skill That Landscape Architects Must Possess?

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Why Is Hand Drawing Such An Important Skill That Landscape Architects Must Possess

Learn why hand drawing is a skill that will not only help landscape architects improve their work, but also increase their job opportunities in the future.

In order to survive and make good money in the competitive job market, you should possess a wide set of skills related to your industry. This will allow you to broaden your job opportunities and increase your chances of landing one.

While it isn’t any of your concerns as a high school senior (at least for now), it is nonetheless important for you to understand that your skills and competency determine your place in the industry. More related skills means more chances of finding a job that you like.

This is something that Lisa McTaggart wants aspiring landscape architects to learn even before becoming a student in this field of study.

Having been a professional landscape architect since March of 2000 despite graduating from the University of Toronto in 1991, Lisa has the ability to submit applications to municipalities for site plan approval and construction purposes. Therefore, she knows what’s she’s talking about when it comes to finding the right skills that architects must have.

In the video above, Lisa shares advice to potential landscape architects on how they could better prepare themselves toward a career in this field of study. Below are some of the tips she mentioned in the video.

  • Focus on finding out what skills they need to have
  • Get a huge breadth of experience related to landscape architecture
  • Possess basic architecture skills such as using AutoCAD and having the ability to draw by hand
  • Learn how to consolidate what you see with your eyes and what you visualize in your mind before being able to transfer those into drawing
  • …and more!

Why hand drawing?

She mentions hand drawing and knowing how to use AutoCAD as “basic skills in your toolbox.” While both are not necessarily exclusive of each other, it is important to have the mastery of not only designing a landscape using this extremely helpful tool in AutoCAD, but also learning how to plot out the landscape using pen and paper.

In this type of job, it is important to understand the needs and wants of your client. Since both skills fulfill a particular need of a client, it is good to have a mastery of both so that you can seamlessly transition from using an AutoCAD to drawing by hand without fail. If you are able to do this effectively, expect more clients coming your way in the future!

If you feel you are weak in hand drawing, then correct it as early as now before it’s too late!

Here’s what you can do:

  • Visit the hand drawing section on our blog and read up on tips and advice on how you can improve your drawing skills not only for better job opportunities in the future, but also better chances of getting into college in the present.
  • Purchase The Drawn to Success Study Guide E-Book to learn how to maximize your drawing skills by deconstructing the way you usually draw and applying your brain more into the drawings. This e-book is personally arranged by “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot and is used as an exercise at Sheridan College to help beginning art students to improve their drawing.
  • If you need a more hands-on approach to improving your drawing, then sign up to our FREE Portfolio Assessment! While this is geared towards helping students improve their art portfolio and boost their chances of getting into college, this service aims at improve core competencies in the art such as drawing and creative thought processes, both of which as just as instrumental to carve out a good career in landscape architecture.

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