Home Decor Ideas from Top TV Shows

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Editor’s note: Find out home decor ideas from these hit TV shows and learn how you can apply the same principles to your own designs and decorations.

Home Decor Ideas from Top TV Shows

People watch TV shows for a particular purpose. Most are drawn to shows and movies with strong storytelling involving well-developed characters and an intriguing plot. Some, however, tune in to shows because of the home decor of the interiors. This may be a strange practice, but by looking at the interior space of the main characters, viewers gain a deeper insight of their personalities.

Here are some of the best TV shows with great ideas of home décor; you will love them even more for now you have more reasons to be obsessed about.


First in the list of great home decors and interior is one of our recent favorite shows, “Scandal.” This show has all the ingredients to become one of the TV’s top shows. However, the reason it makes to our list today is because of their versatile and character-specified sets.

Let’s talk about the lead character’s home and office interior. Olivia Pope who provides all that life to this show has an apartment which depicts his character perfectly, simple yet beautiful. Since Olivia doesn’t spend much of her time at home, for she is one busy fixer so we just see glimpses of her apartment.


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The space that gets most of the camera’s attention is her living room and wardrobe. The living room has a serene and fine look to it with a piano at one corner. The color coordination is just perfect and we love those plush sofas in turquoise and related hues. We know how she is a fan of neutrals and we can clearly see that in her clothing and the interior of her Boudoir.



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Talk about a show that are not for the fainthearted, Hannibal is definitely for those who love their suspense tasty and, surprisingly, those who love grand interior. The show apart from all the horrific scenes has something for everyone. In focus, is the lead character, Hannibal Lecter who we all know about, the interior of his office and home gives us Goosebumps with every scene. While most people are in love with his elegant office; we will be giving his home a brief tour to see the creepily elegant décor. Hannibal is definitely a man of details and good taste, something we assume from his culinary skills and interior at both his office and home.


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The place where all the drama happens is his lavishly decorated dining room and kitchen. Everything from the center island in the kitchen to the gigantic dining table and the painting on his deep blue wall is perfection.

These two from the latest collection of best shows with amazing décor and have made rounds among interior designers, makes them fit for this list. You can see how the colors, furnishing, and everything around these sets have been perfectly balanced and how they define the character’s individual personality. The same should be the case with your own house; it should reflect your unique personality in many ways.

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