PortPrep Invades National Portfolio Day!

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“The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot and co-op students of PortPrep attended the National Portfolio Day at OCADU this past November 8.

Their intention: Promote PortPrep’s portfolio coaching services as an effective way aspiring art students can boost their chances of getting their choice of college!

Their method: Share cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and coffee to students to those who have been lining up since morning!

This impromptu visit ended up being a fun thing Karen and the gang did to spread the word about PortPrep. Some even received discount coupons from Karen if ever they decide on dropping by the studio for a quick or intensive coaching of their art portfolio.

The co-op students that joined Karen to this trip is Izzy, whose infectious energy and high spirits have infiltrated PortPrep’s Facebook page and Youtube channel:

But let’s be serious for a moment here…

Despite the fun and light-hearted nature of the videos featured above, when it comes to your art portfolio, we’re not fooling around!

PortPrep has a proven track record of helping students get into their choice of art or design program in college. Best of all, Karen has a 100% acceptance rate – all of the students she taught through PortPrep have gotten into college!

Need proof? Here are a couple of ’em:

These are just some of students who Karen helped make their art dreams come true. Are you the next person who will get into college?

If so, then you ought to reach out Karen by filling out the form below and let her know what you want to achieve so she can help you better on your way to becoming an art student in college!