Décor Hacks You Need to Know Now

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Life is busy and complicated most of the times, we are always looking for shortcuts or easy ways to get things done. Thankfully there are such cheats or hacks which help get us difficult tasks done so easily that sometimes we are left thinking, “Why didn’t I think of this earlier?” Well, life is like that, it keeps throwing surprises at us and with such surprises we gather up ways to make our lives more efficient.

Home Décor is an art, people love decorating their house in a way that it reflects their own taste. There is something about home décor that gives one liberation to add everything they have ever wanted to see in their dream house. However, you don’t always have to break your bank if you want to give your home a new feel or just fix something small without having to spend unnecessary bucks on it.

Here are a few mindblowing and money-saving home décor hacks to keep you always with a backup plan when things go wrong or when your inner designer just wants to do something but you’re out of money.

Wiring is not for the eyes

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Nobody like their routers, adapter and the messy cords all visible and coiled up, creating an untidy look even when everything is perfect. The sloppy wire syndrome is something people with an eye for detail, always hate. You can use your old book cases without their inner treasure and stick them together to a size that can hide the router in. This trick is not just a good way to avoid this wired up mess but will also add a literary touch to your overall theme.

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If there is no way you can think of to hide off those ugly wires then at least make them look not so ugly. Utilize your creativity and give your inner artist a chance to surprise others. You can just use these twisting cords to create a piece of art by arranging them in a way they can create a picturesque feel. Now if you want you can details to this wired up creation or just leave it like that.

Do it yourself headboard

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Bored from the same old look of your room? Change the headboard. Yes, you heard us right but you don’t really have to buy a new bed to get this new headboard look. Make your own headboard out of old wood pallet or just some wood planks. Utilize the wood pallet from your old discarded bed set, paint it pretty (the colors should coordinate with the overall color scheme of your room) and Tada! Your room gets a different look, just like that.

Recycled Renovation

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Wait before you throw out your old dresser, you’ll be needing all this wood specifically the drawers. You can do so much with old drawers by just painting them again and with a bit of handy work, you can turn an old set of drawers to a book self. Just paint them, and add foot stand to them or place them somewhere just the way they are. If you want you can just install these drawers on a wall in a random order to make shelves out of them. Easy peasy!

Sprinkle Sparkle

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Add some shimmering details to your décor and enhance the look with some sparkle to rooms with old boring interior. All you need to do is turn an antique lamp shade into a glittery glamorous one by covering the inside or the exterior with a glittered paper.

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You want a subtle, patterned illumination in your home? Well, then here’s this magic trick you can use to create a beautiful ambiance in any of your room with lamps. All you need to do is poke holes in any way you like and you get just what you needed to transform the entire look a room with just these lamp shades.

Life would be so easy if we utilize these hacks and take home décor to a whole new level. There’s a lot you can do and come up with your own creative ideas to novelty out of boring and old. Have fun transforming your house into a gallery of your own home décor creations.

Author bio: Monica is a passionate blogger for Ostanding, a Custom Roller and Roman Shade dealer based in CA. Follow @ShopOstanding for more updates.

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