Top 7 Smartphone Apps for Aspiring Architect and Artists

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With the limited time available in our fast-paced era of today, a convenient and effective way of accomplishing things through mobile phones has become the solution to finish things immediately and efficiently. Specifically for architects and artists who do not stay in the office for long, some mobile apps have been developed to fulfill their needs while they are on the go.

To help you find the right app, PortPrep lists here the top 7 smartphone apps for all aspiring architects and artists out there.

Adobe Ideas

Adobe will never fall short in introducing designing programs and now, even mobile apps are already available in their line of products.

Adobe Ideas is a digital sketchbook where you can sketch your ideas and design them with a set of tools. It comes with basic vector drawing tools, brushes with different sizes, layers for drawing and photos, and color themes to choose from.

Your creations can then be saved to your phone’s photo album or be emailed as a PDF file for editing in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.


This app could be the partner of any architect as searching for manufacturers has become easy through  through this app that contains profiles of over 11,000 manufacturers with their building product information.

Even for engineers, this is a very useful app with its comprehensive and up-to-date libraries for CAD Details, Building Information Modeling (BIM) content and specifications entered by the manufacturers.

AutoCAD 360

If you enjoyed Autodesk’s ability with its 3D rendering services, AutoCAD 360 app will now become your next handy tool.

Offering editing actions, shapes may be drawn and edited accurately and objects can be rotated and scaled. Text annotations can also be added and edited on your drawing. Working offline is possible but the changes will only be uploaded after going back online.

Sketchbook Express

Would you like your drawing to look like a work from a professional artist? Try this next app from Autodesk for your drawing and painting essentials.  It has 4 different drawing styles, 15 preset brushes, and a color wheel for you to enjoy.

Show your artwork to others by sharing it directly to deviantART which is the largest social network for artists.

Morpholio Board

Artists can also now enjoy their work better with this app that allows them to layout, collage and illustrate easily. It includes a set of images, sketches and annotations to help you create presentable and informative boards.


Magic is surely brought with this amazing app. Not only will you be able to measure your rooms and draw you floor plan instantly by taking pictures, but objects, annotations and attributes can also be added for you to create an indoor map.

Now, you won’t have to physically measure, draw and move your furniture which makes this app a stress-reliever to architects and artists.


Paper by FiftyThree is a simple app yet it has all the basic tools you may need as an aspiring artist.  You may draw, outline, write and color more effectively though if you use Pencil. Pencil is an award-winning Bluetooth stylus that best complements this Paper app. But nevertheless, all amazing basic drawing tools for free are promised.


An app may seem incapable than programs used for PC but these 7 apps can surely cater your needs in a professional way. And if you find yourself always on the go, then go and download these mobile apps to serve you anytime and anywhere you are.

Author Bio:

Yyanna Reema Marquez is a student writer based in Manila, Philippines. An Interior Design student, she loves to eat ice cream and watch basketball games. Follow her on Twitter.

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