Best Study Techniques That the Worst HS Seniors Should Try

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Graduation is just around the corner and you’ve been dreaming of going to an art school in college. Every single year, hundreds of hopeful students just like you apply to the most sought after art programs in various art schools resulting to a very tight and competitive application process for every student who sends in their application. It will take more than creativity, amazing portfolio and talent to pass the said process and get in.

Some would say that creative people usually are not the strongest when it comes to academics, but you have to know, that high average in school could really play a big part in your application to the art school of your dreams. It’s best that you take control of your grades this year to make sure that it won’t come between you and your plans for your future. Getting into the right college and the right art program, will help you set a clear path for your career and your life.

Given that you’re a senior and it’s your last year in high school, why not exert extra effort in acing your grades? Getting high grades is not that impossible to achieve even if you think you are the worst in class, here are some of the best study techniques you can do to get those high grades.

Keep a Study Schedule

Keeping a schedule for studying is one technique to stay on top of your school work. Allotting time to study every school week will help you review all the things that you’ve learned from class. It will also help you divide your time and focus on subjects you find most difficult. Know which time of the day you think your brain is most active as this will help you remember most of the things you study. Keeping a strict study schedule can prevent you from pulling an all nighter during exam weeks.

Place to Study

Where you are going to study is very important, it should be a place where you feel inspired and motivated to study. Just like how you look for inspiration when creating art.

It should be a place where you can really clear your thoughts, think and absorb all the you need to study.

Avoid Distractions

Put away things such as phones or tablets that can distract you from studying. Avoid logging on to your Social Media accounts or opening links not related to what you are studying at that time. You might be tempted in browsing away instead of focusing. Food is also one thing to avoid during studying as it sometimes makes you feel sleepy.

Jot Down Notes

Taking down notes is very important during class. Our teachers share a lot of additional knowledge that can’t be found on our textbooks. So make sure you put into writing the last trivia that your teacher gave, as it might come up on your next pop quiz. You can also take notes of homework and their due dates to help you stay on top of things.

The Right Attitude

You have to believe in yourself to ace your final year in high school. Remember that it will affect you and your future.

There are a lot more techniques that you can do to help you in studying. Students may use different techniques for their studying habits, that is why it is very important to know which are the ones that will work for you. You just have to remember that you are doing this for yourself and your dreams.

“Push yourself, because no one is going to do it for you.”- Anonymous


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