The Main Reasons Why You Need Help With Your Art Portfolio for College

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Are you ready to create your art portfolio for college? You think you already have everything you need and that you’re ready to start and showcase your artistic skills through it. Your mind is probably overflowing with ideas right now and you just want to get everything started. Before you get your art materials and start drawing away, have you ever thought of asking art teachers or professors for help in creating your art portfolio?

Even when you think you don’t need help, here’s a list of reasons why you need help with your art portfolio.

You need help to determine the things you can improve on. Asking for help in creating your art portfolio from your teachers is like having a pre-assessment of your portfolio before the actual thing. They can give you suggestions if you need to add more or maybe take a few out. This is not to rain on your parade but it’s to give you a subjective view on your portfolio.


So you can charge it to their experience. Your teachers can tell you that they’ve been there and done that. Although art is personal and always changing, your professors can always give you insights on how one brush stroke or a different drawing material can make a huge difference in your artwork. Their years of experience in creating arts can be shared with you, if you ask them for help.

Learn the techniques and materials. In relation to the previous reason, asking for help is also another way of researching ideas for your art portfolio. Your professors can give you hands-on training on techniques that you may use and you can also observe their styles for inspiration.


Gain confidence in your art portfolio. By asking help from your professor, it means that you are learning straight from a professional artist. It’s not only the things that you learn from them can give you confidence in doing your art portfolio, but by knowing that someone you look up to, believes in your artistic skills, ideas and what you’re capable of doing, then it’s one way to boost your confidence up!

If asking for help means that you can build a better portfolio then please don’t be afraid to ask for it. Asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, but it’s a way of improving yourself. And remember, two heads are better than one.

In this video, Karen Kesteloot shared her thoughts on why she loves helping students to get accepted into their dream colleges.

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