Things to Know Before Going to a College Tour

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Taking college tours in different art schools for students is very important. During college tours, students can get the feel of their dream art schools and even get to sit-in and try out some of the classes. Visiting different colleges is worth your while. This is a way of getting a first-hand view of the colleges you have in mind. Going to a college tour may sound fun but before you go there are a few things that you need to prepare.


PortPrep’s Karen Kesteloot got the privilege to talk the Vice President of admissions of High Point University, Andy Bills, and discuss with him the important things about college tours.

When asked what advice Andy can give to parents and students in searching for the right school for their child, he said:, “We’re looking for students who have excelled in high school, especially in the five core subjects. And if they’re interested in majoring in the arts, then we want to look at those subjects as well.”

Andy also mentioned that parents and students shouldn’t just visit the school once but should also pay it a second visit to have a deeper experience of the school.  He’s encouraging them to have lunch on the campus, talk to the students and sit-in in some classes to feel what it’s like to be there student.

Knowing when to go and not to go on a college tour is also very important. It’s very important that you pick a date that will give you enough time to prepare and this will also give you an advantage of checking all the things you need to see inside the campus that you’re going to visit. Another thing that you should consider doing is to list these things for you to manage your time inside the campus.

Keep in mind that it may not be helpful if you visit a campus when students are on vacation or breaks. It’s best if you can check their academic calendar so you will not schedule a tour that will fall on days when the campus is empty.

Students should feel very comfortable in the campuses they choose, according to Andy. In addition to that he also said that the students need to think of the best environment that works for them, as this will help them have a better university experience.

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Lastly, get all the valuable information that you can while on tour and pick up all the university materials that you can get like brochures or business cards. You can also check out the University bulletin board to have an idea of the activities they have. Take note of the things that you liked and disliked about the campus. In the end, this campus tour will be a huge help to parents and students make the final decision.

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