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There may be times when you don’t know if you’re doing the right thing when it comes to your art work. You go online and search for answers, tips, techniques, inspiration and motivation. Some even offer courses you can take that fit your schedule! So it’s a good thing there are great artists who blog and share their knowledge about art in the World Wide Web.

One blogger that aspiring artists should follow is Disney Character Designer Chris Oatley of  In his blog, Chris shares his thoughts on how you can become a better Character Designer and he answers your questions about Concept Art and Illustration.  When you visit his blog, you may see that he’s also giving tips and tutorials on Digital Painting, you can start reading his post about Digital Painting for Concept Artists and Illustrators.

The great thing about his site is really the community that he has cultivated!  So many passionate, eager artists who are interested in all things animation.

When it comes to Character Designing, Chris Oatley is your man. He worked as a character designer and visual development artist for Disney for five years. He already taught and inspired thousands of professionals and pre-professionals. He now has his own online Art School (The Oatley Academy of Concept Art and Illustration) where he teaches character design. Aside from the blog, he also has his personal podcast which he also uses to answer questions digital painting and character design for animation. We highly recommend listening to his podcasts, they’re very inspiring and can help keep you motivated to hone your skills.


Most of the things that you may need to know about  Character Design philosophy are in his blog. But what makes more interesting is Chris’ advice about how aspiring artists can achieve their dreams and that they’re attainable. He also shares about his experiences in the art industry, like how he was struggling post-art school and how he landed his dream job at Disney.


So, whether you are a professional or amateur artist, we recommend that you follow and Chris will definitely help you in finding your visual voice, discover your creative calling & design your dream job!

In addition to all of these great things, you can also receive a lot of inspirational emails, custom Photoshop brushes (using Chris’ concept art), and even industry job announcements. All of these if you subscribe to his newsletter.

I will help you find your ‘visual voice, discover your creative calling & design your dream job!” –Chris Oatley

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