This One Simple Trick That Will Help You Gain Control of Your Pencil

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Drawing may not be as easy at it seems especially if you’re just starting out. There may be a few issues an artist may face when it comes to improving. That’s why it is very important to learn different tips and tricks, like how you can get the right grasp of your pencil when drawing.

So, how do you think an artist can gain control over the use of their pencil?

First, you have to know the right kind of grip to use. There are different types of pencil grips that you may use when it comes to drawing, by knowing which is which, you’ll know the one that will work best for you. Developing the right pencil grasp is very important.

But the one simple trick to help you gain control on your pencil is to practice. Do different pencil exercises and repeat it, an example of that is drawing about 5 boxes on a piece of paper and shade each box. Make sure that each box has different color value on it like that of a palette (lightest to darkest).  Continue to do this exercise until you gain control of your pencil. It will great if you can master it.

pencil shades

Here’s an example on how your boxes should like when you shade them.


Another exercise that you can do is filling up a piece of paper with drawings of different lines, curves and circles.  Add more fun by playing around with it by making them thick or thin. This type of exercise can you help you in making your hands more stable and less pressured when drawing.

When it comes to controlling the pencil, know that some body parts can help you in achieving different strokes and lines. Did you know that using your shoulder can help you in getting longer strokes and precise lines? These are factors that can make a huge difference in your drawings. As for the shading, you must also know that there are also different types of pencil shading techniques that you can use, which has a lot to do with your control over the pencil, the moment you know how to control your pencil. You can definitely go ahead and learn the different shading techniques because shading is another thing to master.


And lastly, let’s not forget to sharpen our pencils when we’re doing the exercises. A well-sharpened pencil can make a lot of difference in drawing, Make sure that you have a few ready when doing the exercises. Start practicing until you finally gain control of your pencil.

Remember, practice makes perfect.

pencil drawing

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