8 Inspiring Apps for Written Assignments

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Sometimes, my mind is bursting with creativity. I just can’t wait to key-in all my thoughts on a Word Doc.  Other times, it’s not! All thanks to the “writer’s block”. I spend endless of hours reading pages upon pages of relevant subjects and even then the words come out plain, boring and unnatural.

However, thanks to technology and its many wonders, I have figure out an effective solution. Now, you’ve smart apps at your disposal to help you kick start your creative engine. Hey, I’m not kidding! Believe it or not, with the help of handy apps like Scribd, Idioms and thesaurus, making complex sentence formations and rejuvenating creativity is easy. Still not convinced? Try it out for yourself!

Here’s a list of some of the most inspiring apps for writers to help you out with your written assignments. In fact, the following apps are ideal for you as a student of visual arts since you’re usually overburdened with multiple arts projects and don’t have time to deal with your academic papers. The following apps can help you get things done efficiently and conveniently.

1. Mind Node:

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This is a brilliant iOS app that makes mapping out your thoughts really easy. Mind Node is meant to “map out the mind” using a visual representation. Start with the light bulb and then spread outward with each thought you’ve brainstormed. You can map out topics, subtopics, and keep adding as many “nodes” as you want to connect your thoughts. This app, although a little pricey, can do wonders to get you started on your topic and help you keep on writing without the dreaded writer’s block.

2. WattPad

Wattpad will inspire and motivate you during your writing process by providing you with one of the world’s largest collections of books and poetries. This is a 600,000 times downloaded and highly-rated app that is brilliant for both reading and writing lovers. Compare and contrast your own writing style with those of the others for more inspiration and ideas. Available to both Android and Apple users, Wattpad is the extensive collection of some really brilliant resources.

3. WikiBrowser:

The master of all research work, Wikipedia, is hard not to come by while you’re working on any write-up, be it a novel or a blog. But who wants to open up that large page of complex content when you have an app with a simplistic User Interface? WIkibrowser is an app that lets you view Wikipedia content on any Android device. You can even change the language setting of the app and even the font sizes. This easy-peasy format makes Wikipedia articles much easier to read and understand.

4. ResearchPaperTown:

As a student, you know how it feels to tackle complex essays or research papers. To make things worse, you also have your studio classes or design projects to take care of. In situations such as those, you can use Research Paper Town’s help to get things done fast, pretty fast!

5. EverNote:

Evernote is, without a doubt, one of the most useful apps for reseraching and recording material. Writers can make use of this app in a variety of way:write notes of all types, access them on any device, collect web articles, and find photos, documents or images”.

6. Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus:

Having problems with word selection? Do what all writers do. Look it up in a thesaurus of course! Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus is just one of many thesauruses available to writers for both Apple and Android users. The best part about this app is that it is a two-in-one deal: dictionary+app. So, if you’re not sure about any word you can look it up and find words that are similar to it.

7. WordBook:

apps for written assignmentsHere’s another fab dictionary and thesaurus available to Android and Apple users. If you’re looking for “extra” quality that comes with a little price tag, this could be the app you’re looking for.

8. White Noise Free/Lite:

Sometimes, you’re in the mood for writing pages and pages of content, but thanks to your surroundings, your thoughts keep getting distracted. It’s one of those moments when you feel like paying everyone a dollar just to shut them up. Thanks to the White Noise Free app, however, you won’t have to pay anyone anything (not even the Android/Apple store!) except for your cup of coffee at Starbucks. The app will add a soothing white noise background or any other type of background sounds (fan, air conditioner hum, heavy rain, ocean waves, etc) and let you do so much more!

Author Bio: William Ford is an academician who offers research proposal help on behalf of a reputable online service. In his free time, he loves to watch Breaking Bad and Games of Throne with his friends.

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