Is Home Decorating the Right Career Choice for You?

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Here are a few things that will make you re think your current profession, especially if you love decorating your home. Do you absolutely love decorating the house? Does it give you the kind of feeling, a pleasure that an average person gets when they fall in love? Those butterflies as you think of that snazzy little couch in your room?

Well, well. Looks like You are in love with decorating, and what better and more rewarding than decorating your living space. There is no better, fast and sophisticated way than to add cheap handmade rugs to your room, as you decorate. Rugs add both class and color to the room hence they add magic to the décor. The home improvement stores must seem like second home and the staff already knows you by name, you have been on wild shopping sprees at the store, almost regularly, after all.

It has to be written in the stars? No?

Have you ever caught yourself red handed, staring at something specific in a friend or family’s room, silently judging them for choosing those knobs and hanging those curtains? And then offered those poor souls, with little sense of what you have naturally, help with decoration, because a beautiful home is what you live for, no matter whose home you make beautiful, as an individual, your drive and passion has become making homes more beautiful. If you are secretly nodding as you read this, you already know what your one true destiny is…; you are a born home decorator!

Difference between a home decorator and a designer

Now there is a difference between a home decorator and a designer and that difference is of education, a designer has been taught and educated; a designer has been trained to design. These home designers’ design marvels and has a sound technical knowledge, they have been shaped to think and design products that are both innovative and serve the needs of style and purpose all at once. These designers also known as interior and industrial designers, and produce anything and everything that you can buy from the market to decorate your home. Without you and our god gifted abilities, your home could have never been sweet.

Start with a beautiful carpet

ALRUG will prove to be a wonderland for you, with a wide variety of cheap, high quality, handmade rugs you will be dazzled with the all new possibilities of redecorating your homes. One does not need a certain qualification, to a home decorator, all you will ever need to be a homer decorator is a sense of color and the ability to arrange things finely. Most ladies have an inborn quality of being a home decorator. A journey of a thousand miles must begin with the first step and you can get started with carpets, once you find the perfect carpet it will act as a foundation for the remainder of your design. Cheap handmade rugs always make a great start for your redecoration adventures.

Start decorating on a budget with your out of the world taste in colors, curtains, sheets and everything beautiful and classy:

There is a constant struggle between you and the rest of your family as they ask you where their stuff has magically disappeared and your spouse comes investigating about his favorite chair. If home decorating is the right career choice for you, these things have better places than that your family had initially picked. Moving the furniture around may seem like the best way to pass your time. Changing sheets every week, going around the house on a cleaning and redecorating spree at least once a month and going crazy at the mall over new furniture and show pieces… anything from a great wallpaper, a great wall clock, anything that’s beautiful is enough to make your day!

Love for beauty, add that beauty to your home and admire it for long hours as you get done with your everyday chores. Raise your family in a heavenly home, your well decorated humble abode.

Where your family would pick a bare, tiled floor, you will have this over powering urge to place a beautiful handmade carpet. Cheap handmade carpets have always been your one true weakness, and the chance to make your home look like a palace has always been one of the most pressing needs of your personal life. You are just the cut for becoming a great home decorator, for you know more colors than a crayon box and you can go on for hours about where to find the best household furnishings and your talent does not limit itself to home decorations, you have the vision and the power to go ahead and pursue this as a career! Good luck.

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Author Bio

This article was written by Lubna Ali Khan. She loves interior designing, home décor and DIY projects. She currently works for a project manager.

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