Student Life: 8 Benefits of Joining a College Organization

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Students often worry about their grades and peer relationships. Another point they should think about is how to enjoy and take full advantage of their stay in college which is to join extra-curricular activities. To know more about the importance of participating in organizations, here are some benefits that may work out for you for your own development.

1. Build connections

Joining an organization is useless if you don’t engage yourself with people. To build connections is even one of the top reasons of why students join clubs or organizations because it allows them to create friendship and receive support from them. It may not be a fraternity or a sorority but for sure, you’ll get backed up when you’re in trouble or in need of guidance and advice.

2. Get updated

As you get to talk with more people from your organization, you’ll also be able to get updated with the latest trends and other happenings. May the information be significant to you or not, it is still a nice opportunity to be aware of more things. This also allows you to gain more knowledge and learn from those.

3. Gain experience

College should not be all about academics; it should also be balanced with some extra-curricular activities. Note that not everything can be learned from books and other learning norm methods, but sometimes, as most people say, experience is the best teacher you can get. And by entering into an organization, you’ll be able to gain experiences and lessons that you won’t attain from your classes.

4. Develop skills

Taking part in organizations would require you to perform some tasks. With responsibilities assigned to your position even if you’re just a member, being in an association enables you to practice and hone some skills. These skills may include social, leadership, time management, and other more types of skills that could transform you into a better individual. Add those skills with confidence and good attitude, and opportunities will be boundless for you.

5. Try something different

Limiting yourself to school classrooms won’t give you growth. Your knowledge may get wider but trying something new will even expand and bring your knowledge, skills, and experiences to the next level. If you’re taking up a nursing course, try out a literary organization or a theatre club if they can cater to your hobby. In this way, you can work your way towards a defined career direction plus a little hobby or passion of yours.

6. Discover yourself

Some college students are still lost and are trying to find what they really want to do with their life. This is also the time where students may get confused and feel shocked or challenged by everything they are facing for the first time. By getting involved with organizations and experience new adventures, this would let you discover and improve yourself more. In the end, you’ll be able to make wiser decisions in life while knowing yourself better.

7. Earn a good resume

People may have different objectives in joining an organization, but in any way, students who have associated themselves to such groups will gain a more attractive resume. This is when employers see that they are more capable and well-rounded as compared to students who are not active in other school activities because remember that grades are not all the solution to achieve success in life.

8. Enjoy college life

Close-minded people may think that college is all about class sessions, books, and calculators. But in truth, there is the other side in colleges and universities that offer fun and more. By joining organizations, you’ll be able to fully take advantage of being a college student and enjoy your stay more in school. And as a result, your college life will be worthier to be remembered.


With these benefits presented, it may be said that joining and actively participating in an organization is just as important as taking your studies seriously. It only has a different approach in teaching you lessons, but there’s no doubt that it can surely help and assist you to a better path.

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Yyanna Reema Marquez is a student writer based in Manila. An Interior Design graduate, she loves to eat ice cream and watch basketball games. Follow her on Twitter.


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