Top 10 Myths about College Life

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Most college myths are set by the TV or movies. Some of them are dispelled by a visit to your new college, and others by people you know that are already in company. Yet, there are plenty find out college myths that will simply not die despite the fact they are very untrue. Here are ten of the most common myths about college life.

 Myth # 1: You can get lots of sex in college

Sorry fellas, but if you were crummy at attracting women in High School, then you are going to suck at it in college. The only difference is statistical probability.

When women are in college, they are more sexually and emotionally mature, which means they are more likely to want relations with men (and women). Plus, you are placed in a location where there are lots of unattached women. In your entire life, you are not as likely to come across as many eligible women in such a high concentration, which means your chances of attracting somebody are slightly higher.

If you are a woman, then you can attract a man by making friends with new people. In which case, men will gravitate towards you. Make friends and soon they will become boyfriends.

Myth # 2: There is lots of drinking in college

Drink on campus or in college and you will be warned or expelled. It looks very bad if students are found drunk or drinking on college grounds, even if they are old enough to drink.

It is actually more acceptable, from a reputation standpoint, for students to be found smoking drugs because at least the college can claim it is just a few bad eggs. But, if students are found drinking on school grounds, then outsiders simply think it is permissible and the college’s reputation takes a big hit. If you want to drink, you will have to do it in house parties and outside of college grounds.

Myth # 3: College is a place where you learn freethinking

Most colleges in the US have a very liberal agenda, which is fine for helping students to connect with their feelings, but leaves them devoid of republican thinking. This liberal bias is very damaging, especially to a young person.

Students have been known to be kicked out of liberal colleges for things such as claiming terrorists do bad things because they are bad people, or for claiming that making college entry easier for black people is paying them a great disrespect.

Students are made aware that thinking like this (in a republican way) is bad, and so are forcibly restricted in their learning and thinking. A one sided education (liberal only) often results in one-sided thinking.

Myth # 4: Weed is acceptable in college

The sad truth is that there are a lot of liberal campuses that happily allow students to smoke weed (drugs) because they feel it is a harmless vice. However, there are some colleges (the good ones) that have a zero policy for drugs of any kind. Some colleges will not allow you to live a “Hippy” lifestyle, and they should be saluted.

Myth # 5: College is the place to lose your virginity

Most people lose their virginity after the age of 17yrs old, and that just happens to be the same age that people are in college. However, some people recognize that their first time will be something they remember forever, and so will wait for the right person–which may be after they leave college.

Myth # 6: Most students are poor

This is not true at all. The problem is that most students are fresh out of their parent(s) home and do not know how to handle money or live on a budget. Student loans and grants are more than enough to live if you are a student, but so many students are so bad with money that they push themselves into student-poverty very quickly.

Myth # 7: College is very difficult

This is both true and a myth. For example, if you are taking a medical course or one of the science courses, then you are in for a very rough ride. The sheer number of hours you have to dedicate to study mean that a personal life, fun and a sex life have to go right out the window. On the other hand, there is sociology, drama, and a few liberal arts qualifications that are very easy.

Myth # 8: Hazing is a thing of the past

It isn’t, it “really” isn’t. In most colleges, it is against the rules, and in some states it is even illegal. It still goes on and most people know about it.

Myth # 9: They do not take attendance in classes/lectures

Just because they do not do a roll-call does not mean they will not notice your absence. They have numerous ways of checking to see if you are there, including the professors getting to know you so they recognize your absence. Not only can repeated absence have you expelled, you may also find that some of your professors are personally insulted by repeated absences (and it WILL show itself when your work is marked).

Myth # 10: College students have above average intelligence

On the contrary, studies by the US and Britain have shown that most people in college are of average or lower intelligence. Many glaring holes have been found in the education system, such as how students can have their essays written by other people, and how some exams are so easy that a person can get a passing (albeit low) grade by simply writing out the question in the answer section, and then rewording the question in the answer section. However, students are often younger people, who do not yet have enough world-experience to be able to introspectively examine themselves and realize that they are not as smart as they think.

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