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Is York/Sheridan or OCADU more respected in the design industry? Which is the better program?


They both have excellent reputations and excellent instructors.
The curriculum is great in both; OCADU has a big name and tends to be a more free and creative environment in which your own creative initiative is needed to get the most out of it. Students who are strong at self-determination and think well on their own will flourish at OCADU. York/Sheridan offers excellent instruction and technical expertise and tends to be more structured and disciplined; it is still creative, but less open or freeform. Students who thrive in a structured environment will do well at York/Sheridan.

Consider whether you want to be in a highly creative environment that is more free form and has more of an art atmosphere or do you want to be at a school that is famous for great technical instruction? It depends on which type of environment or education style suits you best.

In addition you need to decide if you would prefer living in downtown Toronto or the more sheltered environment of York/Sheridan. As far as quality they are both great. It’s more a question of where you feel that you fit in best and which works for you better; perhaps there is one location that works better for your family. Consider everything. Consider travel. Consider where you’ll feel comfortable living and learning.
I have heard great things about Sheridan’s disability services. I don’t know about Yorks or OCADUS…

In the past parents and students called the disability offices, visited their offices and visited each campus and residences to help make their decision. They actually picked a campus that had a lesser reputation but offered the kind of environment and support services the student needed.

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