How to Find A Highly Ranked Accredited Architecture Program

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Architecture continues to be among the most popular art and design degrees among students and their parents. It’s exciting field that promises employment at great salary amounts that can bring your opportunities around the world. The profession is well organized and has an established hierarchy. Attending a highly ranked university with a full spectrum curriculum is very important for both your education and your career.

Please see the above Selecting the right school is important and can be a daunting task.  


It is important that Canadian (and American) students take CACB (Canadian Architectural Certification Board) or USA NAAB (National Architectural Accreditation Board) accredited architecture programs. It’s a requirement for becoming a licensed architect in North America. For information about Canadian accreditation visit this site For a comprehensive accredited program list of American Architecture schools visit Overseas programs may be recognized by the accreditation bodies through the Canberra Accord.


Once you are aware of which schools are accredited you will have to select your preferred university. Going to a higher ranked program does make a difference in a successful career in architecture so study over your options carefully.


Below are some links to some of the most reputable websites where you can find out which schools are most highly ranked to help you in the selection process. For a list of the highest ranked accredited programs in American go to: DI or Design Intelligence is the foremost authority on architecture school rankings. If you are considering architecture programs in Canadian Architecture schools then you will find this link very helpful


After you have selected your preferred list of universities your next step is to find out what their application process requires and what the portfolio requirements are. Copy the links or download the portfolio requirements for each school and make a list for each university of all the architectural drawings and artworks you will need to make for your architecture portfolio. Identify what you have and what you still need to make. Figure out what skills you are missing and find courses and ways to learn the missing skills. Getting accepted to architecture programs is not a small task and it is one that merits serious attention and devotion.


Academic standing matters! It is of major importance and you need to find out about the required grade point average or percentage average each architecture program is looking for in successful applicants. Be aware that the advertised minimum average is not a true indicator of the typical cut off grade! Talk to the administrative assistant, a professor or program coordinator to find out what the true or typical cut off percentage is. While 75% is often the published cut off on university websites the fact is that most architecture programs are looking for students with a minimum of 80% with most only seriously considering students with an 85% or higher average. If you do not have an average of 85% or greater I strongly advise you to take an additional year of senior high school to increase your average while you work on your architecture portfolio skills.


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