Portfolio Tip # 7: How to Maintain A Creative State of Mind

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What is Creating? Creating can be defined as:  to make, to manufacture, to construct to postulate or bring into beingness. An idea is pure creation!  So to make or create a great portfolio plunge into idea creation! It’s pure life energy! Enjoy it! It is a fundamental part of being human. It’s one of the greatest joys in life too! Celebrate that you are a creative person with the ability to make and contribute to the world! Stay in this positive energy and stand in this truth while you work on your art portfolio. This attitude and state of being will not only keep you fueled to get this big task done on time but it will cause you to create stronger artworks! It’s your creativity that gets you accepted into the best art colleges and design schools.

How to Remain in the Creative State of Mind

  1. Avoid being in a state of waste (failure to use something wisely, destroy or ruin, not take advantage of an opportunity)
    1. Avoid substituting with something less than what you ideally want in all things that you do and as much as possible
    2. Use your talents and avoid wasting them
    3. Use time for creating rather than substituting or wasting time or talent
  2. Create and produce more than you waste
    1. Stay in a high creative energy by producing
    2. Stay in a creative state by creating anything
  3. Stay in a creative state
    1. By focusing on how you can contribute positively to the world through what you create
    2. Avoid focusing  only on wanting to have or on creating wealth for wealth’s sake and instead focus on creating to contribute something of value and thereby you will end up having what you need and enjoying abundance

How to Get into a Creative Upswing and Maintain It:

  1. Be willing to confront and look at things head on
    1. Be brave and look at what you prefer to avoid>>confront not hide
      1. Do you tend to ignore emails?
      2. Do you prefer to avoid confrontation and communication?
    2. Instead of avoiding take responsibility and be honest with yourself
      1. Face your fears.
      2. Develop a stronger work ethic and acknowledge it
    3. Be willing to do what is necessary
      1. Take the time to work on yourself in a personal way.
    4. Complete what you start to stay out of waste and remain true to your goals and be to your word
      1. Confront your work and let yourself feel the accomplishment
    5. Avoid falling into and accepting substitutes by wasting your time and your talents
      1. Listen to inspiring podcasts. Add to yourself rather than subtract
      2. Listen to the radio or music instead of watching Netflix and other video based entertainment
  2. Steps in Staying Creative:

    1. First Confront
      1. Admit your faults and don’t excuse your ego.
    2. Next Contribute and Complete
    3. Then you can Create
      1. When you create you raise your energy up
        1. “Be the change you want to see in the world” – Ghandi
        2. Remember why you are here in the world, and regroup spiritually
        3. Work on changing and confronting your bad habits  
      2. When you create you will find that you have plenty of time because you are not wasting time nor are you wasting your talents
      3. When you create you are working in union with the creative energy of the universe and have its power at your fingertips which fuels you.
      4. Focus on connecting with the creative energy in your body and spirit and in the world around you…what does it want from you to contribute into the world…keep your focus on that and you will remain in a creative state
      5. Creativity is a high energy—staying engaged in your creative being and pursuits will keep you in a happy state and a productive state.

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