Portfolio Tip # 8: Having a Hard Time Working on Your Art Portfolio for College Admissions?

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In the previous article you learned how you can sometimes fall into wasteful habits and wind up wasting your talents and dreams for your future. Your career and future rests strongly on this moment of your life. Once you have made the decision to apply to an arts or design program in college or university you have embarked on the first leg of a life journey. The choices you make now and how you show up for yourself each day determines the outcome of your career and life contentment in your future. If you give up on your dreams now and doubt yourself and settle for something less than what you really want; you set the tone for the rest of your life! If you are afraid that you cannot get accepted into the program of your choice and elect to settle for something less you will start your life off on a downward spiral. And it will not get easier as you get older! It will get harder! So if you know what you want to do and if you know what you love then I advise you to go for it with vigor! Start your life off on a high note and start the process and mind-set of being in a creative and upward energy mode.

We often don’t realize that we are wasting our talents and our future. We can get so used to substituting what we really want for lesser things that we don’t even know that we are settling for less. You are full of potential and life energy when you are young. The more you claim that and use it the better and brighter and healthier your adult life will be!

How Do You  Know if You are Wasting or Falling Back into Low Energy and Wasteful Habits?

If you find yourself criticizing yourself or others then you are falling into a state of wastefulness. Take a day to just observe your thoughts and the things you talk about with your friends and family. Do you find yourself complaining and criticizing? If you do then you have likely fallen into a state of waste. How sad! Please realize it and know that you can change it. Look instead for the beauty around you and choose to be creative and stay in a positive state of mind. You will therefore avoid being in low energy or in a wasteful cycle. If you fall into a habit of wasting and procrastinating, you will run out of steam and time to make the amazing portfolio that is in you waiting to come out! You risk accepting an offer from a lower ranked college and one you that you don’t really want to go to. Believe in yourself and your potential.

How else can tell if you are wasting if it became a habit at a young age? Here’s one way to figure it out; if you get new things and they get damaged, lost or broken all the time, then you are in a state of waste. Yikes! But don’t despair! You can change this!

If you get an opportunity and you lose it or don’t follow up and it doesn’t come to pass then you are also in a state of waste. Not applying to the school of your dreams is an example or canceling plans with your mentors and art instructors is another example. Avoid making excuses or saying things like, “I didn’t have time” or “it doesn’t matter” or “I don’t care” ←- because frankly that’s not true; you do care!

If you frequently substitute and you make excuses and pretend it’s what you really want when it really is not then you are in a waste cycle. If you have a lot of things started and unfinished then you are in a habit of being in the state of waste. If you find you have frequent problems then you are in the habit of wasting.

It Really is a Matter of Life and Death.

In the most basic sense waste ultimately leads to decline or death

In contrast creation leads to life!

Choose which you want to dwell in; Life or Death?

Which wolf do you feed? (do you know that proverb?)

Resist the down energy of death….positive life givers who are creative people need to resist the negative down energy of the world

So believe in your creative potential and protect it

Honour it.

Depression is not you….creation is you…be it, claim it, live it!

Are You Having Problems?

Wasting leads to problems and problems waste your time and energy.

If you have problems you are in the habit of wasting. So therefore focus on confronting and contributing and you will avoid waste and the subsequent problems it brings.

You can climb out of waste!

How Can You Climb Out of the Wasting Habit and Problems?

  1. Keep yourself in an up energy
  2. Decide to create
  3. Create endlessly
  4. Contribute by creating
  5. Focus on creating
  6. Complete what you start no matter what it is. Avoid starting something you feel you cannot complete

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