Things to do before joining art school

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Applying to join an art school is no different than applying for entry to any other college but still there are certain aspects that you should implement. These aspects are what determine your being accepted in your institution of choice. It would be quite sad to miss the chance to join art school because you did not prepare adequately. So what must you do?

A good portfolio

A good art portfolio is the main thing for every art school applicant. Most art schools have their own requirements when it comes to such documents hence the need to ask about the same before proceeding with portfolio preparation. A good number of these schools like physical portfolios but in other cases you might be asked for both hard and softcopy documents. So what makes a perfect portfolio?

  1. The portfolio should contain 10 to 20 pieces of what you consider as your best work.
  2. Diversity is the name of the game so ensure that your portfolio contains the same and also demonstrates the use of different mediums and subject matters.
  3. Your portfolio should be neat and well arranged.

If you are not so sure about what you should do or what to have in the portfolio then you can get portfolio coaching services. Do your best to ensure that you have nothing less than a perfect portfolio because it is a matter of acceptance or being told sorry you never made it.

Have a statement

You should have an artist’s statement. This is a statement that explains your artistic philosophy. This is the guide as to how your work should be viewed or understood by those who study it or it is shown to. This statement should not be confused to be the same as an application essay. Each artist is unique and works from their own perspective hence the need for them to be able to share with the world this unique perspective of creating things.

Ensure that the second paragraph touches on how you as an artist work your way into decisions. For instance how do you decide on the subject matter, techniques and even mediums?  Who The first paragraph is all about introduction for instance your name and the kind of art you do.


Your grades also count

Most art school applicants usually think that all that is required is their talent and magic but actually grades also matter. You still need to meet the college entrance exam scores. Good grades cannot only get you into a good school but also get you a scholarship among other packages.

Expect an interview

Most art schools conduct admissions interview. It is therefore advisable that you prepare yourself for them just in case. Treat this as an opportunity to be appealing in the eyes of the admissions board or officers. You should expect many questions including questions about your artistic philosophy, your goals and what you have achieved so far. You better go through the potential topics prior and ensure that you carry along the statement and art portfolio.


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