How to get your portfolio to be noticed

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For most art schools, admission depends on a strong portfolio. These tips will help you create a portfolio that highlights your creativity while reaching a targeted audience. Taking the time to properly prepare your portfolio ensures you stand out from the rest!

Get out of the comfort zone

An important part of portfolio preparation is seeking feedback. A reputable portfolio assessment provides guidance in creating a portfolio that will actively work for you and get you noticed.

Portfolio Assessment

A portfolio assessment is a valuable tool for future art students. In addition to improving the likelihood of your acceptance into an ideal art and/or design program, you will also receive feedback on your artworks in general. The assessment assists students in identifying and refining the intended artistic message of the portfolio as a whole, while ensuring the portfolio is well-balanced, professional, and presentable.

Web presence

With many art schools opting for online applications and portfolios, it’s a great idea to take advantage of the application process and create a personal website or blog to display your portfolio. A website has the benefit of serving as a 24/7 space to showcase your artwork, not to mention the added convenience of being able to easily share your work with potential employers.

Add links to everything

You can easily increase the number of people viewing your portfolio through web links. Adding your portfolio/blog/website link to your email signature, business cards, and social media accounts is a subtle way to point people in your direction. More eyes on your work means more opportunity to receive constructive feedback, job opportunities, and make connections with other artists.

Try something new

Unconventional is memorable. There are many ways of designing a portfolio, so do your research and create something uniquely different!

Do some projects for free

Doing a few art projects for free is a great way to showcase your skills while getting your portfolio out there. On the flip side, taking on free projects is an excellent way of building your portfolio. If you are embarking on a free project or commission remember that it’s quality artwork that will create future opportunities – be sure to take equal care in these projects.

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