How to put together your photography portfolio

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A photography portfolio can sometimes be termed as an art portfolio as it depicts the art of photography. For students applying for design or art programs, a portfolio is a critical aspect as it can dictate whether a student gets the chance or misses the chance.  The important thing to keep in mind when creating a portfolio is to ensure the portfolio demonstrates the skill level and also includes images in a consistent theme.  All these should be done while keeping the purpose of the portfolio and the audience in mind.

A photography portfolio is a tool that each and every art student should invest in fully as it the best and greatest way of showcasing your work. Hereby are some of the important aspects to consider when putting together a winning portfolio

Choice of photos

Choosing the best photos to use in the portfolio is an activity that can take many hours and should be done very keenly. What one needs to do is go through the images no matter the number. As you are going through the photos, rate the photos on a scale of one to five.  Using these techniques, you will realize that it is important to mark photos with a star rating anytime you are taking them for ranking purposes.

Know your photography theme

As you are collecting the pictures, it is important to understand your subject of photos and have that one theme across your portfolio. A portfolio with a clear theme is far much more interesting than a portfolio spread out over so many themes. When the theme and message on your photography portfolio are evident, many will remember you, and thus it will be an addition to design program selection.

Perform a hard edit on your portfolio

It is always important to perform and edit of your portfolio before finalizing. Failing to perform a final edit on a portfolio is a mistake that many photographers tend to make when designing their portfolios. It is important as a photographer to learn how to maintain a control of your portfolio always keeping in mind that this one portfolio extend way beyond your collection of photos. Getting yourself an art or photography program most of the time will depend on your portfolio and if you are not able to design and edit your portfolio it might be very hard to get through the admission phase as unedited portfolio shows a lack of seriousness in your work.

Portfolio assessment

After arranging the portfolio in the right manner, it is important to take your portfolio for an evaluation. The best portfolio assessment is one with art portfolio experts like portprep who have been in the portfolio assessment field for a long time. Experts will be able to detect any problem with the portfolio and be able to provide the desired guidelines or changes required to make the portfolio presentable. Portfolio advice can help one gain confidence on his or her own portfolio because it enables one see things on images that weren’t easily seen without expert’s help.  Remember that during assessment you will get some criticism and its very healthy to accept criticism and work on them as it makes you a better photographer.


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