How to Succeed in Art school

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Art school offers specialized learning. Students have access to programs that offer unique opportunities and focus on a variety of artistic interests. Most art school classes include rigorous curriculums and uphold high standards. New students may find the pressure of a new and challenging school disheartening, but knowing the right tips and tricks can help you succeed in Art School.

Smart choices

When considering how to ‘make it’ in an art school, it is important to consider how your art can contribute to making a living for you. Some art schools promote career resources to new students based on the characteristics of their art portfolio.

Leave ego at the door

One problem that plagues most art students is their ego. Confidence is healthy and necessary to success, but overconfidence and arrogance may hinder your artistic learning and development. Students must understand that there are many talented artists at any given school, and the purpose of being there is not simply to showcase talent, but to develop it.

Most students who enter art school with overconfidence find themselves disappointed that the school does not reward this kind of attitude. One of the best ways to improve your art and become a better artist is to humble oneself, and enter school eager to learn.

Insider tip

After learning how to make money as an artist, it is important to know how to manage finances. Expertise in personal financing is the valuable knowledge an artist can gain from a professional course in art school. Some schools offer art courses bundled with courses on entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship skills are essential, especially during semester breaks when artistic jobs are very scarce.

Take the portfolio seriously

An artist’s portfolio is essentially a resume; it creates a first impression for admission committees, potential employers and clients, and serves as the best indicator of the artist’s ability. Take special care when putting your portfolio together, while remembering that the portfolio represents you as an artist. Most art schools focus on helping students perfect their portfolios, and students are well advised to take advantage of this resource.

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