Not getting accepted to the college of your choice? Here’s where your admission essay is going wrong.

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Sending out applications to your dream universities and then having to wait for their responses can be nerve-wracking. It can be hard to tell whether or not you’ll be accepted to the college. What you should know, however, is that more than your letters of recommendation or your school grades, it is actually your statement of purpose and your writing sample that will decide whether you make the cut.

Putting together a university application is a tiring process. For the writing sample, you might be tempted to recycle the last essay you submitted for a school assignment. While this is certainly easy, you should consider investing more effort in the writing sample. It will certainly pay off.

Whether you choose to write a fresh essay from scratch or rewrite an old research paper, here are some points to keep in mind that can put you ahead of the competition and make your application jump out at the admissions committee:

The Choice Of Topic Is Key:


Pick some research you have already done and write a new paper that cleverly links it with the subject you are applying for. This will demonstrate to your prospective professors that you are able to make interesting connections and draw upon your background to the fullest to bring a valuable new perspective to their class.



Stick To The Brief:


If you’ve been asked to write a 2000 word paper, then do not exceed the word limit or fall short by too much. Make sure to follow the instructions as closely as possible.



Less Is More:

Remember that the professor most likely reading your essay hasn’t got all the time in the world. Brevity is a virtue in this case. Try not to ramble. Edit your paper tightly. Remove unnecessary repetition but do ensure that every sentence flows smoothly into the other. Researchers at Lifesaver Essays-Inexpensive Paper Writers state that it is easy to lose focus while writing an admission essay, and students either try to oversell themselves or talk too much about negatives or areas of improvement. Lifesaver Essays has worked with thousands of college students helping them write their research papers and dissertations, and they know what college tutors look for in essay papers. When you write an admission essay, the professor wants to see what your future goals are and how passionate you are about pursuing the course in question. So keep your focus on answering that and giving points on why the specific course matters to you.



Make Sure Your Individuality Shines Through:


This cannot be emphasised enough. Admissions committees see hundreds of essays every year. How can you make yours stand out? First, make sure your writing style is your own. It can be tempting to try to impress with grand expressions and a stunning vocabulary. Instead, keep your language clear and concise. Focus on getting your point across. At the same time, don’t be dry and dull. Use an opening paragraph that grabs the reader’s attention. By this, I do not mean that you should use corny punchlines or hyperbole. Instead, summarise the most exciting points of your entire piece and present them in a manner that piques the reader’s interest and invites them to read further.



Credit Your Sources:

Plagiarism is a strict no-no. Every idea or statement taken from a book, journal or other source should be duly credited. Give due credit to an author or even if you are using a professional service like Lifesaver Essays. Make sure to include a respectable number of references in your paper. At the same time, refrain from including one at the end of every other sentence. Footnotes or endnotes should be brief and to the point.



Use Academic Styles:


When you get accepted to university, you will be expected to write using formal styles. When better than now to begin to master this? Format your essay using the style preferred by the university you are applying to. This might mean having to modify your essay for each individual application. This will make your writing appear professional and serious.



Presentation Counts:

Content is king but without the right kind of presentation, your readers may not feel compelled enough to read your entire piece. Make sure your essay is a joy to read. Cramped, cluttered text in fancy fonts is instantly off-putting. Use a standard serif font in an easily readable size and double-spaced. Include generous margins and bold headings and sub-headings to create a clear hierarchy. Make sure images are high-resolution, well-printed and not grainy or fuzzy. Most likely, whoever reads your essay is going to print off a copy to do so. Formatting can change during printing. So, remember to convert the document into a pdf and make a test print of your essay to check for flaws before you send it in.


These tips include a mix of strategy as well as basic writing etiquette that will tell your prospective professors that you take your writing and research very seriously. Keep these simple principles in mind and they will serve you well even for future writing assignments, resumes and job applications.   

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