Summer Project for Graphic Design Portfolio

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Summer delivers a great occasion for portfolio work. Your graphic design portfolio is one of the most vital marketing pieces you have as a designer. Usually, it has the most effect on your ability to amaze employers and clients.

With that in mind, you should be continuously updating your online and print art portfolio with fresh and interesting projects that display your creativity and skills. Sometimes, this means including personal work because you won’t always have in-house or client work to include in your portfolio.

Summer is an ideal time to do creative individual projects that can spice up your art portfolio with a splash of interesting ideas and color. Below are some examples of graphic design portfolio projects that you can explore during summer.

Typographic posters

Most art directors and creative directors value typographic skills. Clients tend to concentrate on picture based concepts and artwork, but many of them still appreciate the power of words and type. Excellent type work is always eye-catching. You can take advantage of this and influence them with some remarkable concept-based typographic posters.

Symmetrical vector artwork

Graphics that are exclusive in their subject matter and their execution, attract our attention and make us more engaged. Symmetrical vector art can be puzzling, but if you can deliver something exceptional, then the payoff is worth it. Most clients may not request this type of artwork, but you are certain to impress them if you do it well.

Summer photo manipulation

Composite art and photo manipulation are among the most treasured skills in graphic advertising and design, mainly for print design work. Being able to produce spectacular visuals in Photoshop is the norm in the design industry as far as most people are concerned.

Summer-based notions provide a great opening to be playful and get some really interesting and fun graphics into your art portfolio while still hands-on in executing your skills.


In modern day, we have a lot of information at our disposal, but consuming it can be boring and tedious if not presented in an engaging way. This is why infographics are so fascinating. An expert infographic designer can take boring data and actually make it exciting.

Showcasing some interesting data is a great way to show prospective clients and employers your skills while keeping the visuals informative and fun.

Cool motion visuals

There are only a handful of things that can capture attention as much as moving objects can. This is why nearly all cameras today have built-in video capabilities. Bring your graphics to life and make them move using applications such as Adobe Edge Animate, Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects. Motion graphics are certain to seize someone’s interest in your online art portfolio.

Interactive print media

Print and The Web are coming together more and more, and there are many kinds of fascinating ways to make print a collaborative experience. Contemplate finding fun and interesting ways to get your audience to interrelate with your print artwork.

Enjoy the summer season and discover a wide world of inspiration away from your computer because it is important for your career and life.


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