Tips for Keeping your Art Portfolio Fresh

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Art progresses as the world around us changes. Emerging social trends, innovative technology, and the environment are just some examples of change that influence art.

Artists should allow themselves to be inspired by world events. In doing so, your portfolio will continuously evolve. Putting together a portfolio once does not mean it shouldn’t be re-evaluated and refreshed.

Additionally, your skill set and expertise will develop throughout your artistic career. The use of new techniques, mediums, and ideas means that the artist you were a few years or even months ago does not reflect the artist you are today. The following are some useful tips for keeping your art portfolio fresh.

  • Have both an online and hardcopy portfolio


It is beneficial to make your art accessible to potential clients and employers. Including a link to your online portfolio in your email signature is an easy and effective way to get your art noticed. Make sure to keep your online and print portfolios consistent with each other.

  • Always update your portfolio


As you grow as an artist, the time between your first art pieces to your most recent ones will vary greatly. Take the opportunity to exhibit your new art skills!

  • Keep your resume up to date


A resume documents your work history achievements. Your art portfolio, on the other hand, showcases your evolving art and expertise. If you took part in a show or have done volunteer or freelance work before, include the client’s name and your job duties in your resume. You may also want to indicate commissioned works in your portfolio.

  • Embrace community


Try getting involved in your local art community and show your portfolio to other artists. Joining artist communities allows you to get an informed second opinion, critiques, and feedback.

  • Re-evaluate


Although some pieces worked well in your portfolio once does not mean they will always belong. Making appropriate modifications (both adding and removing pieces) fresh and relevant.

  • Use only complete pieces for your portfolio


While you are encouraged to keep creating new art pieces, quality should never be sacrificed for quantity. Allow your portfolio to showcase your best work.

  • Include artwork that is appropriate for the industry


Take care to present a variety of skills in your art portfolio while making sure the art is relevant to the industry you are trying to reach. Artwork that is relevant to fashion will be very different from architecture or package design.

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