What Makes a Portfolio Stand Out?

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Art portfolios comprise of a collection of an artist’s best work.  An art portfolio needs to display your skills and ideas as well as demonstrate your ability and potential as an artist. It should include a representative series of images that reveal a variety of approaches and styles.

Getting into a reputable art school is quite difficult so during your portfolio preparation, you need to put much thought into the art pieces you want to include in your portfolio. Here are some portfolio tips that will help you make your portfolio outstanding.

Do your research

Find out what requirements the school you are applying to have or what exercises they conduct. This is because most art schools provide conclusive restrictions for the work that applicants submit. The guidelines vary between schools and courses. You might end up submitting an irrelevant portfolio and losing your admission chance if you do not follow the stipulated guidelines.

Create live art

Many art schools look for skills in painting from still life, observational drawing, landscapes or figure models. This is always the case regardless of whether you are applying for courses in animation, design or fine arts. Examiners can always tell if your drawing is from a photograph and what they need to know if you can translate three dimension concepts into a two dimension space while keeping the correct perspective and proportions.

Include personal work

During your portfolio preparation, ensure that you include work that draws from your background or speaks of your personal experiences. You can consider including art pieces that showcase your personal interests in a specific medium or subject as well as experimental pieces. This way, your examiners will be able to know a little more about you.

Explore ideas

Do not be afraid to experiment. While it is important to exhibit good technical skills in areas such as lighting, color and anatomy, restricting yourself will only make your art portfolio one among many. It is equally important to ensure that your portfolio stands out with work that reveals concepts and thoughts.

Since there are thousands of aspiring artists applying to art schools each year, ensure that your best work includes out-of-the-box thinking.

Digitize your work

Some art schools will require you to upload your art portfolio or send digital attachments instead of hard copies. You should save your work with adequate pixels so that the reviewer can enlarge without compromising the picture quality. Always archive a high-resolution image for your records, and create an image inventory of your work that includes size, date and title.

Submit your work for reviews

It can help you greatly to get the opinions of college admission representatives before you submit your art portfolio to any art school. You can do this by attending art events where many art schools will have admissions officers there to review your work and provide feedback.

These representatives offer guidance that will help you in your portfolio preparation and offer information about admission requirements, financial aid, scholarships and programs of study. This may even provide you with an opportunity to have your art portfolio approved for an admission at the event.

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