10 tips on creating a highly effective photography portfolio

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  • Use HTML instead of Flash


HTML is able to load faster as compared to Flash and at the same time it is easily translatable across all platforms. Flash is not functional because it is slow, it does not alert you if there are any updates available and one may not be able to use it in all mobile devices.


  • Outline your specialty


Having an effective photography portfolio requires on to clearly identify the area that they are best in. A client wants to deal with the best in the business. No one wants to deal with someone that is all over the place. People prefer doing business with someone that portrays precision and clarity in their photography portfolios.


  • Identify the audience you want to serve


Clearly identifying your area of interest will definitely give you an idea of the kind of audience that you are most likely to attract. With this kind of information one will be able to provide the people with what they exactly need.


  • Stay focused


One should have end goals which will act as a road map and give you direction. Have a dedicated group that will help out with some of the tasks. Teamwork promotes better results.

  • Simplicity

Simplicity and being concise in your photography portfolio allows people to go through it easier. People will be able to go through your photograph portfolio without having to clarify anything. This helps conserve time, as people can easily understand what they see.


  • Emphasis on Quality


Only quality photos should appear in your portfolio. There is no need to crowd your portfolio with photos that are not worthwhile. This may actually make people lose interest in it. Consulting for the opinion of others concerning certain photos that you are not sure of will help you make a decision on whether to include them or not.


  • Consistency


It is important to have consistency in your photography portfolio. The last image in your photography portfolio should just be as great as the first one. The first impression that your photography portfolio gives will determine whether one will continue to go through it. The quality of your images will leave a lasting impression on those that get to see the photography portfolio.


  • Order


This basically means the way you choose to arrange images in your photography portfolio. The sequence in which you choose to place them is incredibly important because it really affects the psychology of the viewing process.


  • Color scheme


The color scheme you choose to use in your photography portfolio plays a crucial role. Clashing colors and tones of photos next to each other might bring a sense of confusion to the people looking at your portfolio. The color scheme you choose should complement the photos you choose to place in your photography portfolio.


  • Composition


Keeping similar compositions together works well at times, but there is also a lot of power involved when it comes to thinking about which compositions will complement each other in your portfolio.  The sequence of your composition will determine how good your portfolio looks.

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