Are Distractions Slowing You Down?

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It’s easy to get distracted. Between technology and loud noises, you tend to lose focus on the task at hand. Here are just a few tips to get back on track making your art portfolio.


1 – Don’t Give in to Pressure and Anxiety


The weight of your future is on your shoulders and that can affect your creative state of mind. You may be worrying “am I good enough?” and that is a completely normal question, but that’s not your decision to make, it’s irrelevant to you, so don’t keep thinking about it. Clear your mind and just let loose to the creative process and trust that you will end up in the right school and the right program for you.


2 – Calming Music


If your the type of person that needs music to focus and create then we should be friends, but also, you should use thatto your advantage.When your mind is scattered, a slow song may be the perfect remedy. Just relax, hum or sing along and create.


3 – Night Work


This might be an option you’re dreading, because you may have to lose sleep for it, but don’t worry, hard work pays off. If you spend most of your time creating at night, you lose some distractions that may be evident during the day. Whether it’s people screaming or the one annoying crow outside your window. At night, you have the opportunity to be accompanied by only yourself and your mind.


4 – Turn Your Phone Off


Nowadays it is almost impossible to not get interrupted with a text or tweet so my advice to you, is to SHUT OFF YOUR PHONE. I know, sounds really tough, but you will thank me later when you feel free and aren’t checking your phone every five minutes. Technology is useful at times, but in a situation where you need your full concentration,it just gets in the way.


5 – Watch Only Inspiring Videos or Documentaries


Does binge watching streaming services like Netflix and YouTube suck you down the rabbit hole of the internet? Turn your desire for entertainment to your inspiration! Instead of watching an entertaining YouTuber or getting addicted to watching all 12 seasons of your favorite series instead choose to watch docuseries that feed your creative ideas and motivate you to follow in the footsteps of the greats you are learning about. Look for series like Abstract, Top 10 of Architecture, The Code or Walt Before Micky to name just a few web series worth turning your attention to. Ted Talks provide a wide variety of insights into creativity and effective work habits or how to maintain motivation. Search for videos about the topics you are working within your portfolio to help you create your most interesting work and enjoy making it without letting yourself get distracted by non-relevant time wasters. You and your time and talent are valuable and worth developing. Remind yourself of that the next time you feel to compelled to click that link and think again. Resist and create instead of watch what inspires you to create! You will happily focus on your drawings after watching one of the gems listed above! Good luck!

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