PortPrep Invades National Portfolio Day!

“The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot and co-op students of PortPrep attended the National Portfolio Day at OCADU this past November 8. Their intention: Promote PortPrep’s portfolio coaching services as an effective way aspiring art students can boost their chances of getting their choice of college! Their method: Share cookies, brownies, cupcakes, and coffee to students to those who…


The Photography Advice Mega-List!

An art portfolio is a requirement that must be presented applicants who wish to attend an art program in college. This should contain the best pieces they’ve done thus far. The problem lies in the compiling of the portfolio. Applicants should submit a photographed or printed image of their artwork to be sent to your college of choice. This wouldn’t…

Art Portfolio Submission Deadlines for 2014 Freshmen Students

Art Portfolio Submission Deadlines for 2014 Freshmen Students

As some high school seniors are done with with their artworks just in time for portfolio submission, there are those who still need help with how to build their portfolios. For those struggling to prepare their art portfolios on time, we have compiled a partial list of portfolio submission deadline from different colleges and universities.

Here's a Great New Year's Resolution Suggestion for Art Students

Here’s a Great New Year’s Resolution Suggestion to Art Students

Before we begin, we would like to greet everybody a HAPPY NEW YEAR! While 2013 was a blast, 2014 gives you an opportunity to have an even brighter and better year! This is especially true for high school seniors who are looking to get into the best art and design programs in college. One thing that seniors…

From Confidence Comes Acceptance How Karen Kesteloot Help Valery Somerville Get into OCAD U1

From Confidence Comes Acceptance: How Karen Kesteloot Helped Valery Somerville Get into OCAD U

It pays to help students in achieving their dreams. Such is the case with Valery Somerville, a 3rd year Drawing and Painting student at OCAD University (Ontario college of art and design).

The Ultimate Tip List to Building Your Art Portfolio

The Ultimate Tip List to Building Your Art Portfolio: 42 Tips

How you build and present your art portfolio is crucial in getting you into arts college. It all depends on how you treat the different factors that need consideration in your portfolio. Once you have answered all of them, expect to have a greater chance of getting accepted in your art or design program of…

Admission Insider's Review of National Portfolio Day 2013 at OCAD U

Admission Insider’s Review of National Portfolio Day 2013 at OCAD U

This past November 9, 2013, OCAD U held its National Portfolio Day, where aspiring students can get their art portfolios reviewed for free by professors from different colleges. On the same day, Admission Insider, a.k.a. Karen Kesteloot, was present near the event to host her own FREE portfolio review at Karine’s Vegan Restaurant. The day…

More Tips for Taking Pictures of Art from the Experts

More Tips for Taking Pictures of Art from the Experts

Last week, we published an article filled with great tips and advice for students about how to take pictures of artwork for their art portfolio. This time, we’re featuring advanced tips for taking pictures of art from several artists with tons of experience in photography from the Art Marketing group at LinkedIn. This post should further help…