Entertainment Design Program A Quick Look

Entertainment Design Program: A Quick Look

Do you marvel at the breathtaking CGI background animation in film? Are you interested in how theme parks, museums, and other public spaces are designed? Do you feel creative enough to take up a job in the future doing these. If so, you might want to enroll to an Entertainment Design Program.

Sasha Bailyn, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of EntertainmentDesigner.com

Life as an Entertainment Designer: An Interview with Sasha Bailyn of EntertainmentDesigner.com

Entertainment Design is a specific study that deals with the creation of compelling visual experience through public spaces and the entertainment industry. Example of these are theme parks, film, television firms, commercials, and video games. In this post, we will talk to one of the people involved in the entertainment design industry. Sasha Bailyn, Founder and…