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Art portfolio- Tips for high school art students

  In addition to meeting the academic requirements for college, most art and design schools ask incoming students to present their art portfolios as part of the application. A portfolio is a collection of artworks, demonstrating how the student has developed skills and ideas over time. Portfolios are often used during the application process to…

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Portfolio Tip # 9: How to Remain Creative and Avoid Wasting Your Talents

  In the previous tip #8 we shared some advice on how to pull yourself out of the habit of wasting your time and talents and how to avoid having problems in your life. Here is a review of the steps followed by more detailed advice.Keep yourself in feeling in a positive mood and to…

Portfolio Tip # 8: Having a Hard Time Working on Your Art Portfolio for College Admissions?

  In the previous article you learned how you can sometimes fall into wasteful habits and wind up wasting your talents and dreams for your future. Your career and future rests strongly on this moment of your life. Once you have made the decision to apply to an arts or design program in college or…

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Portfolio Tip # 7: How to Maintain A Creative State of Mind

  What is Creating? Creating can be defined as:  to make, to manufacture, to construct to postulate or bring into beingness. An idea is pure creation!  So to make or create a great portfolio plunge into idea creation! It’s pure life energy! Enjoy it! It is a fundamental part of being human. It’s one of…

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Portfolio Tip #6: Avoiding Procrastination on Your Art Portfolio;

Don’t Waste Your Talents! How to Remain in the Creative State of Mind Avoid being in a state of waste (failure to use something wisely, destroy or ruin, not take advantage of an opportunity) Avoid substituting with something less than what you ideally want in all things that you do and as much as possible…

Best Art Portfolio by Fashion Design Students

Best Art Portfolios by Fashion Design Students

Fashion design combines aesthetics and utility to create stunning articles of clothing. In this post, we look into some of the best portfolios made by former and current fashion design students to exemplify the breadth and reach of fashion design not only as an academic and professional practice, but also as a passion that runs deep into every designer out there, enabling them to create works of art woven into fabric.

10 Best Art Portfolios by Animation Students

10 Best Art Portfolios by Animation Students

Getting into an animation program in college is your gateway to becoming a professional animator and turning your imaginations into reality. However, you will need to show a portfolio that showcases your aptitude to study animation. In this post, we’ve featured the best portfolios made by current and former animation students to show you to quality of pieces that you should create for your portfolio in order to get into college.

10 Best Art Portfolios by Illustration Students

10 Best Art Portfolios by Illustration Students

If you want to become an illustrator, then you must go through the hardships of being an illustration student. To become that, you need to submit an art portfolio that will impress professors and get you accepted to your choice of college. Featured in this post are exactly that, impressive portfolios from current and former illustration students that show the grace and skill required to practice this discipline in the arts.