Learn more about Karen Kesteloot, PortPrep owner and art instructor who will help improve your artworks if you join the Beating the Odds Video Blog Contest.

Beating the Odds Video Blog Contest Update – Who is Karen Kesteloot?


Tell Us How You Got Accepted in an Art Program & Get a Free College Art Portfolio Consultation!

By now, most of you should have received your acceptance letters from college art programs you applied to. I want to personally congratulate you for getting into the program of your dreams! This is a pretty exciting time in a student’s life. I remember how exhilarated I felt when I got accepted into my chosen program –…

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College Students Can Now Reveal the Real Story To PortPrep of How They Beat the Odds of Getting Accepted

PortPrep launches its “Beating the Odds” video blog contest to learn the real story about the highly competitive battle for admissions into arts college. With so many cuts to art education in the secondary school system how do these students manage to get accepted and is it only kids from families with the means for…