How to Draw an Ellipse

How to Draw the Perfect Ellipse

An ellipse is difficult to draw because of its shape and angle. While there have been ways that detail how to draw an ellipse using a compass, string, and two pins, this Tutorial Tuesday post will tackle drawing an ellipse just by using your hands and measuring with your eye.

oval drawing

Oval Drawing: How to Use Ovals for Adding Shape and Volume in Your Drawings

Oval drawing is a very helpful technique to accurately capture your subject on paper. In this Tutorial Tuesday post is a video that features Karen teaching oval drawing to one of her students to create more volume in your artworks to be included in your art portfolio.

Alternative Ink Drawing Methods

Alternative Ink Drawing Methods

In art, there’s always more than one way on how to make compelling pieces for your art portfolio! In today’s Tutorial Tuesday, we look at alternative ink drawing methods, which make use of materials aside from the usual pen, pencil, or brush. Learn in this post why you should consider including alternative ink drawings in your portfolio and how you can make your own.

how to think like an architect`

How to Think Like An Architect: Let Your Surroundings Provide the Ideas for You

A hallmark of a professional architect is the ability to create original ideas for their designs. For students of architecture programs, the skill of coming up with designs that are totally unique and different from the rest takes years to develop. However, the late Barry Berkus has helpful advice below to help students get started on how to think like an architect.

watercolor techniques

How to Paint Using Different Watercolor Techniques

Watercolor scares off artists because, aside from the technical difficulties of using pigments, it takes advanced skills to create beautiful paintings that you’ll include in your art portfolio. However, knowing the basic watercolor techniques as featured in this post will give you ideas on the skills you need to work and practice on!

A Guide to Charcoal Drawings

A Guide to Charcoal Drawings

Using the right tools and doing the right technique is important in charcoal drawings. This tutorial post aims to educate students about the best types of charcoal used for drawing, as well as the best practices on how to make the most out of your drawings so you can include them in your art portfolio in college!

Best Felt Tip Pens for Illustrators

Best Felt Tip Pens for Landscape Designers

As a landscape designer, getting the right amount of depth and volume to the lines of your drawing is crucial when presenting your design ideas in front of your professor or client. While learning how to make a landscape design using a computer software, it’s just as important to learn how to bring your design ideas to life using the best felt tip pens and paper.


Improve Your Still Life Drawing by Using Color the Right Way

Still life drawing requires not onlya keen eye for detail in order to bring your drawings to life, but also using the right color to emphasize the important elements in your work. In this tutorial post, we will feature clips from a coaching session that Karen Kesteloot had with one of her students about choosing the appropriate colors for her still life drawing.