[Free E-Book] Make a Winning Art Portfolio

There are high school students out there with dreams of becoming a professional artist and the best way to get there is by becoming an art student in college. Art and design programs provide students with the education and resources to help them prepare for what’s in store once they decide to pursue their art studies professionally.

However,  aside from good grades in high school, becoming a college art student won’t be possible without a winning art portfolio.

The Art Portfolio Problem

Because of budget cuts in the arts incurred by different high schools, there is a huge demand for information about not only developing their creative skills, but also the correct way of building an art portfolio among students. This is why PortPrep exists to bridge the gap between the lack of available resources and help students develop their creativity to create stunning and fully-realized artworks for their portfolio!

Still, the need for better and accessible information remains, and the “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot heard your cries. As a result, she presents to you this free downloadable e-book that serves as your official guide to preparing your college art portfolio!

Make a Winning College Art Portfolio - PortPrepThe “Winning” Solution!

Make a Winning Art Portfolio is a free e-book that’s chock-full with information that your high school art teachers should have taught you! The e-book presents basic and fundamental things that you should know before you compile artworks in your portfolio.

Topics covered by Make a Winning Art Portfolio include:

  • The most important thing you need to master before applying to arts school
  • The most crucial thing in your art college application other than your art portfolio
  • The relationship of branding to being a striving art student
  • Becoming more satisfied with your art portfolio
  • …and more!

If you need to get the most out of your art portfolio in order to get into the best art and design schools, then you certainly must get yourself a copy of the Make a Winning Art Portfolio e-book by clicking here or on the banner below!

freeebookP.S. Once you’ve clicked on the link, scroll to the bottom-right of the screen and click on the disk image to save the file in your computer.

P.P.S. There are no strings attached in this offer! This is a 100% risk-free e-book that you should take advantage of for the sake of building an art portfolio that will guarantee your acceptance in your arts college of choice!


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