Now that you’re done creating and compiling artworks for college acceptance, new questions arise. Will colleges LOVE your art portfolio? Are the works featured in your portfolio really the best that you can do?

More importantly…

Will your portfolio get you accepted to the art and design program of your dreams?

Have no fear – Proven ARTS Answer is here!

Proven ARTS Answer is a program specifically designed to answer all your reservations about your art portfolio.

The program contains a series of videos hosted at Vimeo that will help art and design students get into the best colleges and universities in the entire range of applied and fine arts – whether it be fashion designpainting, or architecture!!

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Why “Proven ARTS Answer?”

I call it “Proven” because:

It has a 100% acceptance rate thus far, that’s a lot of happy students and relieved parents!

The criteria of what makes a winning art portfolio can get confusing to students. This is one of the main causes why even the most talented art students have trouble getting into art school.

The Proven ARTS Answer aims to discuss the process of planning, creating, and organizing your art portfolio so that colleges can see how well you express your creativity in a manner that can be understood by your audience.

Here’s what parents, students, and instructors have to say about the Proven ARTS Answer!

I call it “ARTS” because:

It is an acronym of the four goals that you will achieve in this program.

  • A stands for…ACCEPTED! Getting you into the best arts college is the ultimate aim of the program and can only be done by preparing an outstanding portfolio.
  • R stands for…REFINING! I will help you become aware of the different college or university programs out there to choose what’s best for you.
  • T stands for…TIME! With my program, you will learn the exact portfolio requirements that you need to focus on. This way, you can finish your portfolio ahead of time and save a whole year of study and research!
  • S stands for…SPECIFIC SKILLS I will help you develop the skills necessary in your field of study to increase the chances of acceptance.

I call it the “Answer” because:

There are not enough targeted portfolio instruction resources out that there that can give such great odds of acceptance! This program is the only one available that’s tailor-made for teenagers who want to make a winning college art portfolio!

Below is a video clip of the Proven ARTS Answer video available. In here, I dissect the art portfolio of one of my Illustration student and give pointers on what she needs to work on to make her portfolio even better.

Through Proven ARTS Answer, I am determined to get you accepted into the best art or design programs possible!

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Karen Kesteloot
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