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Drawing is something that is both learned and innate within a person. Everybody has the capability of creating a good drawing, but it takes better instruction for a person to learn the fundamental drawing skills on their way to becoming great artists!

If you’re really serious in becoming really great at drawing, then you must have read Betty Edwards‘ “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” a New York Times Bestseller and arguably one of the most helpful books out there to learn about draw efficiently.

Is this book alone enough to help you become one of the best in drawing?

In this day and age, you need more than just one book to get ahead in drawing.

This is most important especially if you’re a high school student who wants to become an art student in college to become a professional artist in the future! This factor comes into play once you start applying to art colleges:

I used to teach at Sheridan College for a while in the Illustration Program. That program has 2,000 applicants for 150 spots, just the cream of the crop students. – Karen Kesteloot (source)

Doing the math, you have only 13.33% chance of getting into arts college!

Not to mention, all of the college applicants not only have an impressive grade point average, but also boast an art portfolio that clearly shows how creative and skillful they truly are. If you have neither, then your future as a professional artist is becoming bleaker by the minute.

It all starts and ends with your art portfolio!

You can turn your fortunes around by working as hard as possible with your art portfolio. This is normally the basis on which applicants are chosen in any art or design programs in college.

The portfolio must showcase original thinking, creativity, and the necessary skills to communicate your ideas visually.

…but where does drawing come into play here?

Great question! Simply put, drawing is one of the most important skills that aspiring college students need to learn before getting into college.

If you can draw competently by applying the lessons learned from “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” then you already have a fighting chance of getting into your choice of art or design college!

However, if you want to guarantee your spot at the best art and design programs in college, then you must purchase “The Drawn to Success Study Guide” e-book!

THE DRAWN TO SUCCESS STUDY GUIDE - The Fastest Way to Drawing Well PortPrep's Companion to Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain by Betty Edwards

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What is the Drawn to Success Study Guide?

This e-book is written and developed by “The Admission Insider” Karen Kesteloot to help students build better drawings for their portfolio based off the lessons and exercises from Betty Edwards’ bestselling book.

A little bit about Karen…

Karen Kesteloot, art instructor and owner of

The Admissions Insider, Karen Kesteloot is ready to help you make a great portfolio

Karen has been an art instructor for the past 16 years and spent six years reviewing art portfolios submitted by college applicants at Sheridan College.

During those years at Sheridan, she found out the drawing skills of most applicants are not par with their creative ideas. As a result, their portfolios did not really show their true potential as an artists and were therefore rejected by the college!

With this in mind, Karen set up PortPrep to help students unlock the true potentials of high school students who want to attend an art or design program at college through her coaching services and FREE Portfolio Assessment!

Now, she uses PortPrep as a platform to promote The Drawn to Success Study Guide and further help out students improve their drawing skills!

What’s inside the e-book?

Here are the different exercises and lessons you will learn from the e-book.

Exercise 1 – Face/Vase Drawing Exercise with Dominant Hand

This exercise brings attention on how you should take control of the right hemisphere of your brain, which is responsible for your motor skills.

Exercise 2 – Face/Vase Drawing Exercise with Non-Dominant Hand

By doing this exercise, you are focusing on the mental state and your accuracy, as well as how your non-dominant hand is directly connected with your right side of the brain.

Exercise 3 – Detailed Drawing Exercise with Dominant and Non-Dominant Hands

Comparing the drawings using your left and right hand allows you to see which between the two has produced a drawing more proportioned to the subject. Doing this exercises also gets the right hemisphere to work instead of the left one.

Exercise 4 – Bypassing Your Left Brain Knowledge by Drawing Upside Down

This exercise will de-familiarize yourself with the image and lets you focus on the details of the drawings instead.

Exercise 5 – Drawing Upside Down Part 2

Learn more about negative space and how you can use that space to focus on the shapes surrounding the objects you are drawing, not the object itself.

Exercise 6 – Leaf Drawing Exercise

This exercise will let you accurately draw a leaf not by using the bypass memory system that you most likely are familiar with, but instead by using the methodology featured in this e-book.

By learning all these exercises, you will not only drastically improve your drawing skills, but you’ll also create competent drawings to be included in your art portfolio to increase your chances of getting into arts college!

For $24.95US, you will get:

  • The 26-page Drawn to Success Study Guide e-book
  • An exercise plan that’s also taught in the arts program of Sheridan College
  • Lessons that will bring light to the more difficult parts of “Drawing to the Right Side of the Brain”
  • A better chance of acceptance into your college of choice!

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